Dota 2 Summit 13 Online: Here’s What’s Been Happening So Far

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Here's a quick recap.
Here's a quick recap. Beyond the Summit

When it was first announced that there was finally going to be a Valve-sponsored Dota 2 event this year, the community was more than thrilled. While it wouldn’t be one big tournament, and instead was divided into regions, it was still enough for many fans. This was the Dota 2 Summit 13 Online, which is organized by Beyond the Summit. The regions for the competition are the Americas (NA + SA), Southeast Asia, and EU/CIS.

While the tournament expected to begin on October 21, there was a concern particularly with the EU/CIS regions. This is because most of the top Dota 2 teams were still playing in ESL One Germany 2020. We at Player.One had the same questions, which you can read here, and it turns out the matches for the EU/CIS regions were done differently. Today we take a look at what’s been happening with this tournament so far.

SEA Region

For this region, eight teams received Direct Invites while two had to go through the Open Qualifiers. The teams are:

  • TNC Predator (Direct Invite)
  • Motivate.Trust Gaming (Direct Invite)
  • BOOM Esports (Direct Invite)
  • Among Us (Direct Invite)
  • Neon Esports (Direct Invite)
  • 496 Gaming (Direct Invite)
  • TEAM STAR (Direct Invite)
  • Cignal Ultra (Direct Invite)
  • Army Geniuses (Open Qualifier)
  • Adroit Esports (Open Qualifier)

You’ll probably notice that Among Us is playing again. This is a team formed by some of the region’s best players who remain to be signed on for a team. They did have some changes to their roster as some members were eventually signed on to be part of an official team.

Another major point of interest is that Fnatic isn’t taking part in this tournament. Back in September the team parted ways with two of its members. While Fnatic was able to sign on one new member, they still lack one more for a full roster.

With the last set of matches scheduled on November 3, the teams for the Upper Bracket of the Playoffs are pretty much set.


This combines both NA and SA teams. Like with SEA, 10 teams are taking part with eight getting Direct Invites and two going through Open Qualifiers. The teams are:

  • 4 Zoomers (Direct Invite)
  • Quincy Crew (Direct Invite)
  • carjAMMERS (Direct Invite)
  • beastcoast (Direct Invite)
  • Thunder Predator (Direct Invite)
  • Infamous (Direct Invite)
  • Team Brasil (Direct Invite)
  • Team Zero (Direct Invite)
  • No Pangolier (Open Qualifier NA)
  • Spirits Esports (Open Qualifier SA)

So far it has been Quincy Crew that’s leading the pack. With 16 games played, the team only managed to lose one. This secures them a spot in the Upper Bracket of the Playoffs. So far, all the teams invited have secured slots in the Playoffs. The final two matches are scheduled today and all these matches are going to do is to determine placements in the Playoffs.


As mentioned, BTS had to make changes to the tournament to accommodate EU/CIS teams. Like with the previous two groups, ten teams are participating as well. The teams are:

  • Team Liquid (Playoff Invite)
  • (Playoff Invite)
  • mudgolems (Group Stage Invite)
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (Group Stage Invite)
  • 5men (Group Stage Invite)
  • HellRaisers (Group Stage Invite)
  • Khan (Group Stage Invite)
  • Live to Win (Group Stage Invite)
  • Yellow Submarine (Open Qualifier)
  • Brame (Open Qualifier)

As you can see, two teams already secured positions in the Playoffs. Opening matches begin tomorrow, November 3, with Playoffs slated for November 7.

So who are you rooting for in this tournament, or are you just excited to see Valve-official Dota 2 esports again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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