Hearts of Iron IV Operation Pike Patch 1.12.11 Adds New Branch Canadian Comrades, Patch Notes Here

Hearts of Iron IV Update 1.12.3
Hearts of Iron IV Update 1.12.3 Steam

The latest update of Hearts of Iron IV is finally here and it brings good news for Germany and Canada. Several changes to gameplay, UI, modding, and more are made as well. You should also expect a good amount of balancing changes.

Ethiopia’s Balance of Power is tweaked so that the country is less likely to collapse. Germany now starts with 80 transport planes instead of four, and camelry is added to the Sultanate of Aussa. Canada's Communist path received a new alt-history branch which further reduces the Great Depression and other benefits. You can read the highlights of the update below.

  • German, Japanese and British trees will now hide obsolete branches if the related game rule is turned on
  • French and USA focus trees will now hide obsolete branches if the related game rule is turned on
  • Added a new alt-history branch to Canada's Communist path, allowing further reduction of the Great Depression, wargoals on the United States, and various other benefits, at the cost of being unable to join or create factions
  • Germany now begin with 80 transport planes, from 4
  • Tweaked Ethiopian Balance of Power, to decrease risk of country collapse
  • Made coring decision for Italo-Ethiopian empire available when controlling, rather than owning, states
  • Made it possible to move capital to Jerusalem after Axum for Ethiopia
  • Made it possible for Ethiopia to collaborate with Italy as Monarchy as well as Fascist
  • Improved Regional Supply depots National Spirit for Ethiopia
  • Made multiple investments at the same time possible for Ethiopia
  • Added camelry to Sultanate of Aussa
  • Now the disabling of construction of railway lines on the map will remove them from construction UI
  • Delete-building button should now be visible/usable on UI-scaled clients
  • Now, if you hover mouse over an invasion arrow, the whole path will be visible even if it is overlapped by another one
  • Visual improvement of the create faction window
  • Now the army theater groups will show the reinforcement priority
  • Removed deprecated trigger pc_is_state_outside_influence_for
  • State level production speed modifiers now have the correct loc keys

The complete patch notes of Hearts of Iron IV Operation Pike Patch 1.12.11 is available on Steam.

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