Hogwarts Legacy March 8 Patch: Improves Performance, Updates Facial Animation, and Fixes Crashing Issues

Hogwarts Legacy is an upcoming open-world RPG set in the 1800s.
Hogwarts Legacy is an upcoming open-world RPG set in the 1800s. Avalanche Software/Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy was released last month with glowing reviews from both fans and critics. However, like most modern AAA games nowadays, it wasn’t without faults. The title suffers from several technical issues that require further developer attention, and that’s exactly what it’s getting.

A new patch went live yesterday focused on stability, performance, and bug fixes. Facial animations are updated, and blurred textures and LOD pop are fixed. Player account network registration and tracking are improved, and fog volumes are removed for better BVH performance.

Tracking for Room of Requirement is enhanced, and the map won’t show an incorrect path to the map chamber anymore. The game's stability after a long playthrough is now better, and VFX in RT mode isn’t as punishing on the hardware as before. You can read a portion of the patch notes below.

  • Fixed DLC-related issues in the pause menu and gear menu.
  • Fixed DLC flying mount inventory issue potentially disappearing during a mission.
Broom Flight
  • Fixed player getting trapped while mounting a broom while on or rotating a statue.
  • Fixed not landing on the Viaduct bridge.
  • Fixed mesh breaking when avatar mounts broom after teleporting in an open area.
  • Fixed flash and shuttering when mounting any broom.
World Events
  • Fixed wagon carts clipping into one another while avatar is blocking them.
  • Fixed occasional respawning duplication of One-Man Band in Hogsmeade.
PlayStation 5
  • Fixed character lip-sync animation when “Original Audio” is set.
  • Fixed localized VO not playing correctly when set to “Original Audio” is set.
  • Improve LED effects.
Activities and Game Help
  • Improve Activities performance update and memory usage.
  • Update to Game Help hints and videos.
Xbox Series X
  • Fixed black flickering on characters face.
  • Fixed graphical glitches with Fig’s head when he first opens the door. Resolves the following reported issue: HL-29
  • Fixed shadow flicker in tea cup.
Performance and Stability
  • Improved frame rate performance issue when dismissing the contextual menu.
  • Improve fidelity mode performance for a smooth 30 FPS experience.

As mentioned above, the PC version received some love as well, with a similar update available on Steam and Epic Games Store. You can read more about Hogwarts Legacy March 8 Patch via the official site.

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