Halo Master Chief Collection: Let Your Creativity Loose with New Modding Tools

Halo Master Chief Collection
Halo Master Chief Collection Steam

The Halo franchise is an ever-expanding universe and fans of the Master Chief can let their creativity loose as new things will be added to the Halo: Master Chief Collection soon.

Developer 343 Industries recently announced that the game will have new modding tools available. It was at the start of Season 6 where such tools were introduced into the game, but the devs wanted to expand them a little bit in Season 7.

Players can do a lot of things with these tools, such as the ability to create a game similar to Mario Kart and recreating the Warthog limousine in Halo: Combat Evolved, among many others.

Save Your Content

Players who are eagerly awaiting these new additions to modding tools must save all their existing content first.

All your mid-mission saves and theater films will be invalidated once Season 7 arrives. This means that you should complete your mid-mission progress and record your theater films before the update launches.

If you are wondering why that is the case, the devs said that various content rebuilds will happen in the game and they might impact your content. So, it is best to complete everything first so you won’t run into any problems.

Seasonal Challenges

As Season 6 is coming to a close, now is the best time to complete any challenges you haven’t done yet. It would be best to log in and do them because the clock is ticking.

If you have noticed, the North Central server is back up again. Although the reason for its downtime was not disclosed, it might be due to an issue with the data center. Players who are situated in the region should update their server list to have it pop up in the menu.

New Modding Tools

Season 7 will be huge, especially for members of the modding community, and is expected to bring new tools on Steam. Although there is no specific information about these tools, you should keep a tab on the game’s Steam page for further updates.

Halo: Master Chief Collection Season 7 will launch on June 23 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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