Halo Infinite: All Things Revealed at E3 2021

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite 343 Industries

Halo Infinite was supposed to be launched alongside the Xbox Series X/S, but developer 343 Industries was not ready to release it yet due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In E3 2021, however, Microsoft announced that it is going to release the game in the holidays.

The upcoming game will offer the largest multiplayer support and campaign levels in the franchise’s almost 20-year history. Since the next-gen consoles are packed with more capable hardware, the game can be enjoyed in 120 FPS with better graphics.

Vehicles and Equipment

A Halo game will not be complete without its vehicles and true to tradition, players can control both new Banished-inspired vehicles, as well as the UNSC classics that were in previous titles.

You can also expect some new pieces of equipment that can turn the tide of battle. One of the newest items coming to the game is the Threat Sensor. It is a device that detects enemy players, illuminating them within its effective radius.

The Repulsor is another device very useful in defense mode. It is effective at deflecting incoming projectiles, protecting you and your teammates against the enemy team.

More Inclusive Thanks to the Tutorial System

Because the franchise is nearly two decades old, new players who want to try Halo Infinite may be daunted by the vast amount of information.

The devs want the game to be as approachable to as many people as possible, so they’ve created the Academy - a new tutorial system to educate beginners and professional players alike. It will be run by Spartan Commander Laurette.

You can expect to spar against bots and will have a plethora of training options you can use at your disposal.

New Customizations

The upcoming installment will be a live service game, a plan to provide new content via seasonal updates.

That said, each new season will feature new customizations that players can collect. You can either acquire them through normal game progression or through the use of real money. The latter is optional if you do not want to go through the arduous grind.

While the game is slated to be released in the holidays, the company hasn’t announced any specific date yet at the time of writing. You may check the official blog for more information.

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