Halloween Comes to Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

have some spooky fun.
have some spooky fun. Netmarble

A new update has arrived in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, inviting everyone to join the Halloween celebration. As the game’s first Halloween episode, players can look forward to haunting dungeons and taking on Halloween-themed Reputation Quests.

While the addition of spooky costumes is sure to put everyone in the mood, players should be excited to know that there’s a new mount, the flying broom known as Jetbroom. There are also two new familiars introduced, with the first one being Auroralynx, the cat-like light familiar with eerie wings.

The second is Bougie, a cute darkness familiar with a candle on its head and half-closed eyes. Players can acquire and awaken this new familiar through the Familiar " Bougie" Growth Event.

Speaking of event, there are two other limited-time events that players can join:

  • Dream Witch Dice Event
    • Dice can be earned from different missions like playing the Familiar Arena.
    • Players can roll the dice to get various rewards from the Halloween-themed game board.
    • For each lap on the Halloween game board, players can get special rewards like the Halloween event costume Bat Mask.
    • Players can also obtain coupons for Equipment, Familiar, and Costume Summons.
  • Cluu's 28-Day Check-In Gifts Event!
    • Get various check-in rewards each day for 28 days.
    • Don’t miss the chance to get Cluu's Rare Familiar Selection Gift, 4-Star Equipment Selection Chest, Summon Coupons, and more.

Newbie System

The new update also introduces the “Newbie” system. This is good news for Soul Divers whose character level is below Level 60, or whose total number of days of logging in since creating their account is 20 days or less.

The system supports the growth of new Soul Divers with exclusive Swift Solutions Errands, Conquest Missions, and Bounty Quests. There are also Newbie Perks, which include various rewards from the Newbie Shop and Special Guidebook Missions.

Changes Made

Of course, the update won't be complete without changes and improvements. In this one, changes include:

  • Kingdom Lab
    • New research categories, slots, and types are added.
  • ​Rankings
    • New rankings related to Mount CP, Gem CP, Adventure Record CP, Collection CP, Tetro Puzzle CP, Heart Star CP, Lucky Higgledy level, the number of Titles acquired, and more are added.
  • Titles
    • New ranking-related Titles added.
  • Costume Summon
    • Otherworldly Street Outfit/Hat added.
    • Traditional Desert Outfit/Hair Decoration added.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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