Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Invites You to a Cooking Competition

Get ready to cook.
Get ready to cook. Twitter/@ninokuni_global

A new update has been released for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds and introduces the new “Cooking Competition” Episode. For this new episode, players get to enjoy the content held in the Kingdom of Evermore, along with related Dungeon and Reputation Quests.

Players can also customize their characters even further with the new “Chef Outfit” and “Sweets Cart” Mount. This new update introduces players to what’s known as the Favor System. It allows players to build friendships through interaction with NPCs, which includes characters that can take care of their crops in the Familiars’ Forest.

100-Day Anniversary Check-In

There are also new in-game events that players can enjoy, like the 100-Day Anniversary Check-In. This one started on August 24 and will end on September 21. The rewards are:

  • Day 1: Title: 100 Days Together!
  • Day 2: Gold x100,000
  • Day 3: Bound Territe x100
  • Day 4: General Weapon Upgrade Stone x5
  • Day 5: 3-Star Weapon Varnish Chest x10
  • Day 6: Uncommon General Weapon Enhancement Stone x3
  • Day 7: 6-Star Dimensional Deer Amber x1
  • Day 8: Gold x100,000
  • Day 9: Sweet Drink x2
  • Day 10: Armor Upgrade Stone x5
  • Day 11: Uncommon Armor Enhancement Stone x3
  • Day 12: 3-Star Varnish Selection Chest x10
  • Day 13: Bound Territe x100
  • Day 14: 6-Star Decoration Selection Chest x1
  • Day 15: Gold x150,000
  • Day 16: Accessory Upgrade Stone x5
  • Day 17: Uncommon Accessory Enhancement Stone x3
  • Day 18: Jelly Bottle x10
  • Day 19: 3-Star Bean Selection Pod x10
  • Day 20: Super Star Pose Chest x1
  • Day 21: Rare 4-Star Familiar Selection Capsule x1
  • Day 22: Gold x200,000
  • Day 23: Evolution Fruit Selection Basket x10
  • Day 24: Bound Territe x100
  • Day 25: Feather Teaser x50
  • Day 26: Food Ingredient Pouch x10
  • Day 27: Jelly Bottle x10
  • Day 28: Rare 4-Star Equipment Selection Chest x1

Other In-Game Events

  • Cooking Competition Episode Guide Event
    • Based on the newly added Cooking Competition Episode, it rewards players with items like the Head Chef Hat Chest and various power-up materials, which can be acquired by completing missions and tasks.
  • Sore Boar Power Up Event
    • Players can get the Sore Boar, along with the Familiar power-up materials by completing this event’s mission.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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