Learn How to Play the Guitar with Rocksmith+

It's never to old to learn.
It's never to old to learn. Ubisoft

Rocksmith is a game where you get the chance to enjoy and play music. That’s about to change with the new subscription service Ubisoft is launching. Rocksmith+ aims to teach users how to play an electric or acoustic guitar through their favorite songs. It can also be used to learn how to play bass.

Rocksmith+ is set to be released on PC this summer with the console version slated to arrive in the fall. A version for the mobile platform is also coming but at a later date.

The subscription service comes with the Rocksmith+ Connect mobile app. Its phone-as-mic technology is the feature that can let users play with an acoustic guitar. All that must be done is to pair the mobile device with a PC or console to let the onboard microphone track the guitar. That means no need for additional gear to play the game.

Those who have an electric guitar need not worry. The app works as well when using an electric instrument with an amp. Rocksmith+ is also compatible with both PC and consoles through the Rocksmith Real Tone Cable.

Rocksmith+ is being offered at $14.99 with the 3-month subscription priced at $39.99. A 12-month subscription is also available at $99.99. The service gives free content updates, which add new songs every week, and new modes, practice tools, and other features.

Ubisoft revealed in a post that Rocksmith has actually helped around 5 million people learn how to play the guitar. The addition of Rocksmith+ means that users can now level up their skills. Among its many features, the new subscription service has a unique visual interface, improved detection, real-time feedback, and even the all-new personalized recommendations. Users can also enjoy new tools like how-to videos and MIDI playback. Long-time guitarists, meanwhile, can enjoy the Rocksmith Tablature option.

There’s a Rocksmith Discover as well, which is a free online resource of articles that discuss topics like, among others, music theory, proper technique, form, instrument care, and guitar gear. Those who are feeling creative and want to share their versions can add their creations to the library through the Rocksmith Workshop.

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