GTA Online Launching New Story on December 15

Enjoy a new story.
Enjoy a new story. Rockstar Games

It’s been quite some time since GTA Online introduced a new story, so it’s rather refreshing to know that one is about to arrive. Titled “The Contract,” it’s dropping to the game on December 15. It’s set to feature none other than Franklin Clinton, the same Franklin from GTA V.

He’s arriving courtesy of his “celebrity solutions agency” named F. Clinton and Partner. This agency hopes to help the elite in Vinewood solve their high-society problems. To make it all happen, Franklin needs two things with the first one having a reliable partner. The good news is that your contact Lamar Davis is making the necessary introduction for you to be that partner.

The second is Franklin wants to have a high-profile client. This one is all about DJ Pooh who’s trying to reach out to the agency with a potential client. It’s none other than his close friend Dr. Dre. Yes, it’s the one and only D.R.E.

So what’s the deal with him anyway? It turns out that when Dr. Dre was heading to Cayo Perico, he lost his phone. However, it wasn’t really missing but is in the wrong hands. The thing is that this same phone contains something really important, which is Dr. Dre’s unreleased music. If that’s not obvious enough, that’s exactly the big break the agency needs.

In searching for the phone, be prepared to get on a wild and hilarious ride across Los Santos. See what’s happening in the streets where Franklin grew up and the fun in the city’s hottest parties. Explore some truly debaucherous mansions and even visit the offices of the FIB. In between all of these, an interesting set of characters join you and Franklin. There’s the expert hacker Imani and even Chop the Dog. Then, there’s the crew that’s more than ready to help secure those precious tracks from Dr. Dre.

More information about this new story will be released in the next few days. Expect details of a new radio station from some very special guest hosts and update to some of the existing radio stations. There are also new and unreleased exclusive tracks from Dr. Dre that everyone can look forward to. If that’s not something to be really excited about, then we don’t know what is.

GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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