GTA Online Weekly Update: It’s Double Down at the Diamond Casino & Resort

Double the trouble, double the rewards.
Double the trouble, double the rewards. Rockstar Games

In the usual GTA Online weekly update, The Diamond Casino & Resort is where players drop by to get some cool rewards at the Lucky Wheel. This week, however, it’s said that an armored truck has been seen delivering a cache of diamonds to the vault. Those who dare to take the job get the chance to walk away with some valuable gems.

Players able to complete The Diamond Casino Heist’s Finale anytime within the week get the Red “The Diamond” Classic Tee for free. Since we’re already talking about The Diamond Casino & Resort, the top prize in the Lucky Wheel is the Pegassi Zorrusso.

Free Items

The free item available this week is the Weekend Racer Livery for the Bravado Banshee. To get this item, just play the game anytime this week. Another free item this week is the Declasse Bugstars Burrito which can be obtained at the Warstock Cache & Carry.

There’s also Liberty City Penitentiary Coveralls available for free. To get this item, just play any game from Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. After that, just log into the game any time before November 25.

Extra Rewards

Paying out double rewards this week are the Casino Story Missions. Don’t forget to give Ms. Baker a call. Meanwhile, the Diamond Adversary Series is giving out triple rewards.

Players can also earn 2X GTA$ and RP for Drop Zone. Once in the thick of battle, don’t forget to keep your comms open.

Discounts Offered

This week is a good time to be part of the gaudiest elite. That’s because the Casino Master Penthouse and its Upgrades and Modifications are being offered at a 35% discount. It’s easy to get something to dress the part since all clothes in the Casino Store are available 40% off.

For vehicles, the discounts offered this week are:

  • Annis S80RR - 40% off
  • Progen PR4 - 40% off
  • Invade and Persuade RC Tank - 40% off
  • Maxwell Vagrant - 40% off
  • Karin Everon - 40% off
  • Western Rampant Rocket - 40% off
  • Enus Paragon R - 40% off

Read all about the weekly update here.

GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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