GTA Online Weekly Update: The Panther Statue Going to Cayo Perico

Time for another heist.
Time for another heist. Rockstar Games

For November, the weekly updates of GTA Online have been about heists. This week, everyone is invited to go to the tropics and take on The Cayo Perico Heist. Completing any Prep Mission rewards players with the Orange Glow Shades.

Why go in the first place? Rumor has it that El Rubio is planning to hide a bejeweled Panther Statue inside his safe. With this, all hosts can now scout the Panther Statue as the Primary Target for their first playthrough of this heist.

Meanwhile, players able to complete The Cayo Perico Heist Finale any time this week are rewarded with the Orange Skull Emissive Mask.

Before we go into what other offers are available this week, players receive a GTA$500K gift by simply playing the game. Everyone also has the chance to grab the Still Slipping Friend Tee for free.

Double Rewards

There’s a lot of modes this week that are giving double rewards. For starters, Overtime Rumble, Top Fun, Welcoming Party, and Weed Killer return to the game. Players able to bring opponents to their doom in Overtime Rumble can take home double GTA$ and RP.

Double rewards are offered as well for Kart Krash: Full Auto. This should be good news to those who love go-karting. Now, this isn't any simple go-kart session but one that’s all about chaos.

From the tracks, we head over to the sea and answer the call of Captain Brendan Darcy. He needs help for a lot of things like protecting the floating villa from heavily armed attackers or putting out fires at the country club. Those able to complete all A Superyacht Life Missions get double rewards.

Luck Wheel

If all those racing and helping are stressing you out, head over to The Diamond Casino and Resort for some relaxation. Don’t forget to drop by the lobby and give the Lucky Wheel a spin. There’s a lot of rewards to be won like GTA$, RP, clothing, snacks, and mystery prizes. The top prize this week is none other than the Grotti Visione.


To motivate yourself to take on The Cayo Perico Heist, there is a 35% discount on the Kosatka and all its Upgrades and Modifications. This should help you prepare for that big score.

There’s also a 40% discount on these vehicles:

  • Dinka Veto Classic and Modern
  • Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat
  • Sparrow
  • Kraken Avisa
  • Weaponized Dinghy
  • Vapid Slamtruck

Players can also enjoy 40% off on all Super Yachts and their Upgrades, Renovations, and Modifications from November 26 to November 29.

Read all about this week’s update here.

GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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