Going Medieval: Settlers Can Now Have Their Own Beds in Update 7

Beauty & Comfort Update
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Foxy Voxel has launched the first major content patch for Going Medieval this year. Update 7, aka the Beauty & Comfort Update, introduces beds and the infirmary, along with other things that can boost the stats and mood of your settlers.

Settlers in Going Medieval can now have their own rooms and beds. Each bed in the game is unassigned by default, so you’d have to individually dedicate a bed to one of your settlers. Once you’ve done that, that settler will seek that specific bed when the time comes. You can change the bed assignment at any time.

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In addition, wounded settlers can heal faster by heading to a new room type called the Infirmary. You can turn a basic room into an infirmary by building at least one infirmary bed and two infirmary shelves. Settlers will prioritize seeking an infirmary bed when they are wounded. Do keep in mind that such beds cannot be assigned manually, so if you need to tend to a wounded settler, you must have a vacant one to cater to their needs.

The Beauty & Comfort Update also introduces the new Aesthetic Value mechanic. Every single thing in the game now has a number that indicates how beautiful or ugly they are. You’d want to place as much “beautiful” stuff all around the settlement as settlers react more positively to them with various mood modifiers.

Aesthetic Value
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  • Bed and Room Ownership
    • If a settler has an assigned bed that's unreachable/locked off, that bed will become unassigned and the settler will seek a reachable bed.
    • If you assign an empty bed to the settler who is sleeping somewhere else, that settler will immediately wake up and go to their new bed.
    • A settler can’t have more than one bed assigned to them.
    • A bed can’t have more than one assigned settler for it.
    • If a settler is in a caravan, they will still retain the bed ownership.
    • If a settler dies, their bed is automatically unassigned.
    • If a settler is banished or given to raiders, their bed will be automatically unassigned.
    • If there is an assigned bed in a single bedroom, that ownership of the bedroom will transfer to that settler.
  • Aesthetic Value
    • When a settler stands on a grid space, that grid will output and calculate the average beauty of everything around the settler (in a 19-grid radius) and will affect the beauty stat target. You can check this by hovering the cursor on the Aesthetic stat for that settler.
    • Standing on a gridspace that has a large amount of beauty will make the beauty stat rise and the settler will get a nice mood boost. Standing in an ugly area will make the settler get negative mood boosts.
    • Buildings have an aesthetic value that they emit all around them.

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

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