Going Medieval: December Mini Update Brings Various Production Improvements

December Mini Update
December Mini Update Twitter/@going_medieval

Going Medieval, the colony-building sim developed by Foxy Voxel, received its December Mini Update just recently, which brought many improvements and quality-of-life changes.

According to the company, the core focus of this patch is refactored production. Basically, improvements have been made to how settlers in Going Medieval manage production.

One of the biggest changes is that settlers will now bring as many resources from a pile as they can. This significantly reduces production time because they won't have to travel back and forth to obtain the required quantity of resources to do the task.

In addition, the settlers will stop bringing resources when something of higher priority is active. For instance, they can get some rest and won't have to stay up until three in the morning transporting supplies to a production station.

Aside from the production changes, this patch brought other enhancements as well. Now, animals that return from caravans get a one-hour grace period before they’re targeted and attacked by wildlife.

Furthermore, most of the shadows in Going Medieval have been fixed in that they’re now properly connected to characters and objects as intended.

Here are the other significant changes:

  • Rain no longer has the dotted white particles when falling - should be a bit more clear what's happening.
  • Candles now flicker a bit (on shrines, candles, etc).
  • Settlers can rope animals that are already being attacked. If the roping starts, all attacks on that animal will stop.
  • Bought animals are not targetable by predators for 1 hour after buying them.
  • Hitting a merchant's animal has the same effect as hitting the merchant, now.
  • The blueprint wall/voxel will immediately split a blueprint beam. In that case, the blueprint beam won’t be built until the wall/voxel is constructed first.
  • Settlers and animals will try to avoid sleeping on stairs and slopes.
  • Animals will not reserve resources when falling asleep.
  • Selling animals to a merchant removes all orders from the animals, along with the order icons.
  • If you edit something within the production in the edit panel (like choosing a different resource), a “*” symbol will appear, indicating the change.
  • Fixed the issue where settlers would rather go to resources farther away than resources that are 3 meters away but located on the upper floor.
  • Fixed the issues where wildlife animals would attack animals that are being roped or merchant’s animals.
  • Fixed the issue where Taming would appear on a Wildlife panel for merchant’s animals if the panel is open when the merchant (with animals) arrives.
  • Fixed the issue where heavy crossbows and crossbows, upon their dismantlement, would give more mechanical parts than needed for production (creating an infinite source of mechanical parts).

Going Medieval December Mini Update is available on PC.

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