Going Medieval Update 6: Introducting Terraforming and New Animals

Going Medieval Update 6
Going Medieval Update 6 Steam

The developers of Going Medieval released the sixth update called “Terraforming & Cats” that is available to download on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. The highlight of this update is the new researching feature called Terraforming and three new animals.


In this update, players can create dirt voxels and slopes in-game. However, they will need to unlock it by researching “Terraforming” in the Research tab. They can acquire dirt by mining dirt, grass, and rock voxel.

New Animals

The animal kingdom is getting bigger. Get excited to meet pheasants, donkeys, and cats in this update. The cats and donkeys appear as domestic animals, while pheasants appear as wildlife on the map. Players will have to pay attention to domestic animals because the wild ones can target them as part of their AI behavior. This often happens when they are hungry.

Going Medieval Update 6

Bugs and Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where, if two or more shrines (of the same type) are constructed next to one another, settlers will use just one for praying purposes.
  • Fixed the issue where a beam would prevent stockpile/crop placement/expansion.
  • Fixed the issue that caused animals to freeze, if the player would uncheck hauling during their haul goal.
  • Fixed the issue with room detection - if the room only had stairs coming to it, the game would not see it as a room.
  • The issue where animals would get stuck on slopes should be fixed. Please report if the issue still occurs.
  • Fixed the issue where some beams would float in the air upon loading the game, causing stability issues.
Quality of life improvements
  • Plants in the wild have gained more nutrition. This way, wild animals will not eat all of the saplings and young plants as soon as they spawn.
Known issues
  • If your settlers are experiencing weird animations with some actions, be sure to cap the game's FPS in the game's options. Cap it to 60 FPS. If the issue persists, cap it at 30.

You can read more about the update here.

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