Ghost Recon Breakpoint's New AI Teammates Can Be Customized

See what this new feature has to offer.
See what this new feature has to offer. Ubisoft

Last week Ghost Recon Breakpoint revealed that Title Update 2.1.0 is not only going to include the usual fixes and improvements, there's also a feature that’s sure to change the game, especially for solo players. AI teammates are going to be added to Breakpoint. If that’s not enough good news, TU 2.1.0 is arriving this Wednesday, July 15, so that means AI teammates are now going to be in Auroa later this week.

In a post, Game Director Eli Benhamou said that they are more than happy to release AI teammates and know that the expectations for this new feature is high. Benhamou went on to say that the development team at Ubisoft did their best to introduce this to the game by “focusing our efforts on enhancing the combat experience, as well as bringing a whole new layer of customization for your role-play activities.”

Today we take a closer look at the customization options that AI teammates have to offer.

Before we look into the customization, let's see how you access the squad. Once you have downloaded the update, you should be able to watch an introduction video about your new teammates. They’re going to be available in Regular, Immersive, and Custom modes. The catch is that you have be in a solo session. However, even with AI teammates available, you’re not forced to have them on your team should you continue to play as a lone wolf operator. Anyway, let’s get to know them.

There’s Fury, who is known to be one of the first women to become a SEAL. She goes on missions where the importance is adaptation in any environment as well as top-notch hand-to-hand combat skills. Then there is Fixit, who is known for recon and intel gathering missions. He is also an expert when it comes to drones considering he spends a lot of time working on prototypes or fixing and improving drones that have been used by the team. The third one is Vasily, considered the youngest to ever become an operator.

A lot of customization

Other good news that arrives with AI teammates is that while their call signs remain the same, you have the option to change their physical appearance. That’s right, you can change the face, eye color, hair, hair color, facial hair, and facial details of these AI squadmates. You can even choose the arm tattoos and facial paint of your team. That said, changing the gender of the teammate is also possible.

Now, when it comes to weapons, your teammates are going to have:

  • Fury
    • Primary: Vector
    • Secondary: 553
  • Fixit
    • Primary: M4
    • Secondary: 805 Bren
  • Vasily
    • Primary: Scorpio
    • Secondary: 416

While they may have two weapons, you’ll only be able to customize the primary weapon. You can change the primary weapon to anything else, with the exception of the Grenade Launcher, as long as you have the blueprint. In addition, you also get access to the full Gunsmith for your teammates' primary weapons, but without any of the mark upgrades or passive bonuses.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow, we look a little closer into how your teammates function with you in the lead.

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