Changes Coming To Gunsmith In Upcoming Ghost Recon Breakpoint Update

Be more prepared than ever.
Be more prepared than ever. Ubisoft

If you’re a fan of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, then by now you should know that an update is set to arrive soon. Title Update 2.1.0 is going to introduce some improvements with major bug fixes. You can read our initial coverage on that here.

However, one change that’s sure to interest players is what's coming with the Gunsmith. This isn’t a character, but more of a weapon customization tool that lets players modify their firearms in the game. Today we take a closer look at some of the expected changes.

The first one is on Trigger Customization. Once the update is launched, players are going to get more options when choosing their firing mode. Some burst/automatic weapons, like SMGs for example, now have the choice for single fire/full auto. There are also going to be single fire/full auto weapons, like ASRs, that are going to have a burst/automatic option. However, this change is only on the shots fired and isn’t going to have any impact on the damage done.

The SMGs that’s going to have the option for single fire/full auto include:

  • MP5
  • MP7
  • MPX
  • Scorpion EVO3 CQC
  • Scorpion EVO3
  • UMP
  • Echelon SMG
  • Vector
  • Vector Shorty

Meanwhile, the ASRs that will have an additional burst/automatic fire option are:

  • 416
  • 416 Shorty
  • 516
  • 553
  • 805 BREN
  • A2
  • AK12
  • G36C
  • M4A1
  • MK17
  • VHSD2
  • Silver Stake

There are also changes to be implemented to the Fore and Angled Grips. This was mainly based on feedback from the community. Changes are going to affect submachine guns, shotguns, and rifles.

Players can also head on over to Maria’s Shop and choose from two new muzzle options. There’s a control shield that going to give a distinct look for three separate weapon groups along with a specific muzzle visual effect. Players can now use the control shield and the newly added Muzzle Brake with these weapons:

  • Control Shield 5.56 (ASR) Factory and Shorty Models:
    • 416
    • 516
    • 553
    • AK12
    • AK74
    • AUG
    • G36
    • IA2
    • M4A1
    • SC-20K
    • Tavor
    • VHS-D2
  • Control Shield 7.62 (ASR) Factory and Shorty Models:
    • 805 BREN
    • AK47
    • ARX200
    • MK17
  • Muzzle Brake .338 (Sniper):
    • HTI
    • L115A3
    • M82
    • SRSA1
    • TAC50

Maria’s Shop is also going to offer three extra scopes, which are the SLX 5 Sight, Leupold, and VC16. For those who want to try these new scopes out, here are some good combinations:

  • SLX 5 Sight with the MK 48
  • Leupold with the P90
  • VC16 with the G28

In addition to what’s already mentioned, the GL M203 Grenade Launcher and the 50-Round Extended Magazines are now going to be selectable for Shorty variations. For selected ASRs, the development team has integrated the Socom Mini, specific Assault variations suppressor, and the 100-Round Extended Magazine.

You can look at all the planned changes for the Gunsmith with Title Update 2.1.0 here.

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