Fantasy PUBG Esports Now Live for Fans in North America

Get to have a new experience.
Get to have a new experience. Krafton

The Fantasy PUBG Esports is now available to fans in North America. Like other fantasy sports, this one also involves online prediction games where fans put together a virtual team composed of PUBG esports players. Fans can earn fantasy points based on statistics in real life.

So the better the player performs in real life, the higher the fantasy points a fan gets. However, those involved with Fantasy PUBG Esports say that the goal isn’t always to win the big prize but also a way to immerse themselves in the game’s esports scene. After all, fans get to imagine what it feels like to be a GM of a team and call new players to make a splash or decisions. Like the pros themselves, it may not be possible to win the main prize yet there’s always the invaluable experience, knowledge, and understanding of the game to be gained.

Fantasy PUBG Esports is available through the ThriveFantasy App for iOS and Android as well as the official website. There are a lot of different contests to join that vary from the entry fee, prize pool, and even the number of entrants. From large guaranteed prize pools and freerolls to head-to-head competitions, it’s clear that there’s something for everyone.

There’s also live stats updating every 15 to 30 seconds provided directly from the game server through the GRID Data Platform. This allows fans to access real-time information and ensure that they’re updated as the action unfolds live.

In a statement, Krafton Director of Esports and Events Everett Coleman shared that there have been a lot of unforgettable moments at the PUBG Global Championship 2022. He added that while everyone is excited to see who’s going home with the crown this year, they’re also happy to reveal a new way for fans to get involved in the action. Coleman went on to say that while their favorite teams are competing and winning on stage, the fans could also be winning at home with their knowledge of the PUBG esports scene.

ThriveFantasy Founder and CEO Adam Weinstein shared that they immediately accepted when they were given the chance to gamify the year’s biggest tournament. He added that both Krafton and Grid have been good partners and they know this is merely the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.

Meanwhile, GRID Founder and CEO Moritz Maurer revealed that Fantasy PUBG Esports is an initiative that perfectly highlights the potential of in-game data assets and proves that it has the ability to engage fans and offer unique experiences.

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