A Fantasy PUBG Esports Launching This November

A new way to enjoy the game.
A new way to enjoy the game. Krafton

The esports scene for PUBG: Battlegrounds is about to undergo an exciting change. Beginning November, fans in North America can now play Fantasy PUBG Esports. This was made possible by a partnership among Krafton, ThriveFantasy, and GRID.

For those not familiar with fantasy sports, these are online prediction games where fans put together a virtual team of sports players, or in this case PUBG esports players. Fans can then earn fantasy points based on statistics in real life. So, the better the player performs in real life, the higher the fantasy points.

For the Fantasy PUBG Esports, fans are allowed to pick their best 10 lineups for each of the matchups based on unique individual game pointers that allow for exceptional outcomes.

In a statement, ThriveFantasy CEO Adam Weinstein revealed that this collaboration now opens the doors for unique opportunities. He added that the esports industry offers great potential for fantasy sports and remains to be something that they are optimistic about entering into.

Meanwhile, GRID Esports CEO Moritz Maurer shared that Krafton has been a long-standing partner with whom they share the vision when it comes to a data-fueled esports ecosystem. He went on to say that being part of this project and being able to create an exceptional experience for esports fans through gameplay data infrastructure is a big milestone for them.

Krafton Director of Esports and Events Everett Coleman said that they need to find innovative ways of engaging new and current fans if they want to introduce PUBG Esports to a wider audience and offer the best possible entertainment experience. He also said that being able to use the experience from ThriveFantasy and GRID allowed them to find fresh and exciting ways for fans to come together and become part of the action.

PGC 2022

Indeed, the introduction of the Fantasy PUBG Esports is just in time with the start of the PUBG Global Championships 2022. This is the annual competition where 32 teams from around the world fight to get a large share of the $2 million prize pool. This competition is taking place at the Dubai Exhibition Center from November 1 to November 20. You can read more about the teams participating in this tournament here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Android, and iOS. You can learn more about ThriveFantasy here and GRID here.

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