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Fall Guys' Season 2 has already been a blast and developer Mediatonic is only intending to make the experience even more fun for fans. Earlier today, the developer released a new game mode called the Slime Survivors. Fall Guys' Season 2 introduced a host of new features, including a highly requested Gauntlet Mode. The Gauntlet Mode is separate from the highly-memed team-based games.

Slime Survivors will only include solo levels, which means that players are bound to find the following levels:

  • Slime Climb
  • Jump Club
  • Roll Out
  • Block Party
  • Perfect Match
  • Tail Tag
  • Hoopsie Legends
  • Hex-A-Gone
  • Jump Showdown

Fans have a love and hate relationship with Slime Climb. Originally, Slime Climb was a race event, but the obstacle course proved to be much more difficult than the ticking clock. Seeing that the majority of failures in Slime Climb were contributed to the slime, Mediatonic swapped the level from being a racecourse to a survival event. Therefore, anyone who is able to complete the event will automatically qualify for the next event. However, Slime Climb won't be the final event in the Slime Survivor mode. Instead, fans will either compete in Hex-A-Gone or Jump Showdown for the final stage.

When the Gauntlet Mode became available, it soon became a pain instead of joy for many players. The main reason was due to the repetition of levels. Many players reported that they had to clear levels like Block Party multiple times, which made the experience quite annoying. Mediatonic was quick to respond to complaints that players had. The developer said that the repetition of levels wasn't an intended feature, and that it was working on the issue.

Recently, Mediatonic also confirmed that it hasn't finished improving Season 2 for Fall Guys. The developer shared a bunch of new features that the team is currently working on, including auto team spectating, adjusting Jump Showdown's speed, rethinking Hex-A-Gone's tile colors, and improving VFX on some levels.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on PC and PS4.

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