Time For Some Medieval Mayhem As Fall Guys Starts Season 2

Go medieval!
Go medieval! Devolver Digital

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is ready to give everyone the chance to experience some medieval mayhem. Season 2 is already live and introduces four new Medieval Rounds to the rotation, along with a host of new features like the Show Selector. There’s some new customization options as well, plus some game improvements.

Let’s start with the Show Selector. Basically what this does is it allows players to choose what kind of rounds they want to take part in. There's the Main Show, for example, which has a mix of every level. There's also Guantlet Showdown, which limits the list to race type or guantlet type maps.

Meanwhile, the new rounds being introduced in Fall Guys are:

  • Egg Siege
    • This celebrates the well-loved Fall Guys trope of stealing and hoarding opponents’ eggs. but with a newfangled tactical edge.
    • Players are thrown into a mystical castle that’s full of moving machinery.
    • This means that your dexterity is going to be tested to the fullest in order to shake off pursuers in this arena of ramps, drawbridges and diabolical scythes.
  • Hoopsie Legends
    • This round demands that you lob your Fall Guy through hoops in order to get points.
    • The movable blocks are sure to bring this re-imagining of Hoopsie Daisy squealing into the Medieval era.
  • Knight Fever
    • Probably the most dangerous race to date, players need to go through a wild array of medieval obstacles.
    • In the dash to the finish line, be careful of the different fiendish contraptions like the THICC BONKUS.
  • Wall Guys
    • Get to try out the all-new movable block mechanic, while being tasked with scaling a formidable fortress.
    • Short term alliances with other players are important here.

Other changes arriving with Season 2 include:

  • Fall together now
    • Why fall alone when you can do it as team? This new “party falling” means that those who queue with their squad get to fall with, well, their squad.
  • Nameplates and Banners
    • Add some personal swag with the customizable signage that is viewable in spectator mode.
  • Random Outfit Generator
    • For those having problems coming up with a look that they want, it’s now easy as players can randomize costumes and accessories with just a click.
  • Visual upgrades
    • Season 1 Rounds are getting a new coat of paint along with new tile effects.
  • Additional controller options for PS4
    • Players can now tweak their sensitivity along with the optional X/Y axis inversion.

Excite yet with all the changes?

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