Fall Guys Season 2: Teammate Spectating, Jump Showdown Update Coming Soon

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Falls Guys: Ultimate Knockout kicked off Season 2 with a bang, introducing new levels, costumes, and a bunch of quality of life changes. However, it seems that developer Mediatonic isn't done tweaking the Fall Guys Season 2 experience for its players. A week after the release of Season 2, Fall Guys shared a post on Twitter stating that the developer is keenly listening to player feedback, and it seeks to improve the action very soon. The developer also highlighted four areas within the game that are currently being working on.

The first on the list is automatic teammate spectating. Even though Mediatonic had previously announced this feature a few weeks back, but it did not get implemented into Fall Guys in Season 2. So, those of you who've been wondering as to what happened with the feature, well, it hasn't been ruled out and it should soon be added to the game.

Secondly, Mediatonic is looking into fixing a mini-game called Jump Showdown. Jump Showdown was added to the game during the mid-season update, and many players have been finding the level annoying. The developer will be tweaking the spinning platform's speed to make the mini-game more enjoyable.

Third on the list is the recoloring of Hex-A-Gone mini-game's tiles. Players have previously complained about the blending of their costume and tile colors, causing confusion and breaking immersion. Moreover, the developer may also look into implementing a logical color pattern, which should alert players on how close they are to the last platform.

Last, but not the least on the list, is tweaking some VFX settings in Tip Toe and Hex-A-Gone. As mentioned earlier, players have been complaining of color blending and certain VFX changes should help with this issue.

It seems Mediatonic is taking player complaints quite seriously and is looking at addressing the issues that most players have been pinpointing.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently available on PC and PS4.

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