Experience a New Type of Gameplay When Creatures of Ava Comes Out this August

Why kill when you can tame? 11 bit Studios

11 bit studios announced that Creatures of Ava is launching on August 7. This unique "creature saver" game is going to be available for the PC as well as the Xbox Series X/S.

As part of this announcement, a short video was released which revealed the official launch date along a peek at some of the creatures that players get to encounter in the game. Watch the video below:

In Creatures of Ava, players are invited to explore a world that's brimming with wild beings. These wild beings offer a unique bond which in turn allows players to use their skills to travel across the planet and solve environmental challenges. These once peaceful creatures have become aggressive resulting from an unknown infection.

Exploration-driven Gameplay

The gameplay encourages everyone to explore the many unique ecosystems. These include the likes of the mysterious Mâruba swamp or the colorful Nari jungle. The use of non-aggressive combat mechanics means that this is all about healing the creatures instead of defeating them. Helping players is the indigenous Flute melodies which they can play to tame creatures.

Meaningful Narrative

The game puts players in the role of 22-year-old nature adventurer Vic. They get to see this composed and astute researcher navigate across the immersive expedition with Tabitha. They get to face the recurring infection that's known as "the withering." There's no question that the narrative of the game not only features a journey of wonder and mystery but also offers discovery that leads to the revelation of the planet's captivating secrets.

Saving Through Understanding

Creatures of Ava is a game which features a dense and populated world having rich ecosystems filled with creatures that play an important role in the natural balance of the planet. Unlike other traditional creature-related genres, this one goes beyond the norm as it offers a deeper understanding and connection with the things players get to encounter.

Once players come to understand the true meaning of the infection, they'll be challenged to step out of the human-centric point of view and learn about the real toll that happens when it comes to preserving the primal beauty at the very roots of Ava.

What do you think? Excited about the game?

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