Enjoy New Content as Trackmania Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary! Ubisoft

The Trackmania franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary and as treat, there's going to be new content and new events for everyone to enjoy. The festivities start off with the release of the of three episodes which revisits the "Original Trilogy" from the first game. That means Snow, Desert, and Rally.

The first episode is Snow and now live. In this one the Stadium car has been transformed to a Snow, which plays much like the 2003 version but with modern twists added. There's also a new 15-track campaign along with a new kind of competitive road surface which is wood. Track creators meanwhile should be on the lookout for the 100 new 3D blocks and items.

New Events

As mentioned, it's not all new content since there are also new events to join. There's the new Track of the Day and Cup of the Day, which accompanies the Snow campaign, and has started. There's also going to be a livestream of the Cup of the Day on November 30 and organized by Ubisoft News. This is going to feature Trackmania Producer Augustin De Vita and Content Manager Ayrton Lemaire.

Meanwhile, ten streamers are set to craft their very own tracks for a streamers campaign. The streamers are bren, Karlberg, Lars, Majijej, SBVille, Spam, TrilluXe, Wingobear, Wirtual and Yannex. They'll be featured as well during the Trackmania 20th anniversary competition, which is happening on December 18.

Ubisoft is also held a car-skinning contest in celebration of the 20th anniversary. Players can head on over to the in-game Ubisoft Nadeo club and enjoy the top 10 player-crafted skins, which have been chosen by a jury of community members and Nadeo staff.

World Championship

Players can also look forward to the Trackmania World Championship Final Stage, which feature eight. This competition is going to be livestreamed from Montpellier, France. The finals is going to be on November 24 to November 25 with two best-of-seven Group Stages having four teams each. The top six teams move to the Playoffs with the quarterfinals following and continued with the semi-finals. The tournament concludes with the best-of-nine grand final. The Playoffs and all the way to the grand final are all happening on November 26.

Trackmania is free to play on the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the Amazon Luna.

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