Trackmania: CUPRA Collab Offers New Tracks for Free

It's a new collab.
It's a new collab. Ubisoft

A new collaboration between Trackmania and CUPRA, the European automotive brand, is now live and introduces new tracks and other new content. In fact, there will be new content arriving to the game over the next eight months, which includes 12 new free tracks designed to test the agility and skill of players. The first one is now available called Digital Ciudad.

After today, one track is set to be unveiled and added to the game every two weeks under the Cup of the Day and Track of the Day programs. The new tracks were made possible by CUPRA in partnership with the members of the game’s creator community.

Each track released is going to be set on one of the three districts in the new in-game city known as NEO-CUPRA. Each one has a unique visual theme tied to a different vision of the future. The districts are:

  • Velocity
    • Has the look of a cyberpunk dystopia and has those massive arcology-like structures and lots of neon ornamentation.
  • Intricacy
    • Showcases a fusion of nature and “green” construction with high technology.
  • Singularity
    • Has the appearance of a ring-shaped space colony with the landscape curving imposingly in the distance.

Players can now access themed elements from the Velocity district in the map editor. Other districts will be added as new tracks arrive.

New Skins

It’s not all tracks. This new collaboration also comes with four new car skins though only available for those with a paid subscription. One of the new skins is the CUPRA-branded livery, designed to complement the new track themes. Players can also enjoy four new and original music tracks made by electronica artist M.O.O.N.

Trackmania was first released on PC in 2020. The game features short and obstacle-filled courses with an emphasis on community involvement. In addition to racing, players can also design their own tracks and share them with others. The game is free-to-play but players have the choice to upgrade to one of two premium plans.

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