Trackmania to Start Winter Campaign on New Year's Day

Look forward to a new campaign.
Look forward to a new campaign. Ubisoft

Trackmania players are going to have a good start for 2023. That's because on January 1, the game officially launches its Winter Campaign featuring new content like the prestige skins.

Once the Winter Campaign starts, players get access to three prestige skins: Season, Royal, and Ranked. That's not all that's coming to the game since 37 more are expected to arrive across 2023 and divided into:

  • Royal (20 skins)
  • Seasonal (4 skins)
  • Ranked (13 skins)

By the way, these skins can be earned through in-game challenges.

More About Prestige Skins

Here are other details about these prestige skins:

  • A new seasonal skin is going to be available every three months.
    • The very first seasonal skin is Winter 2023.
    • To unlock different levels, players need to collect as many medals as possible.
    • These can be done in both the official Winter 2023 Campaign and Tracks Of The Day between January 1 and March 31.
  • Ranked skins are unlocked according to the player's rank in the Matchmaking game mode.
    • A new skin is unlocked as soon as players reach a new rank.
    • The skins’ levels evolve at the end of each month, according to the rank of the player at this specific moment.
  • Royal skins are set to be available thanks to results of players with a specific team.
    • To unlock the butterfly prestige skin, a player needs to do a top four result with this specific team.
    • A new level is unlocked each time the performance is repeated.
    • A new random skin is unlocked if a player already reached the maximum level on another skin.

Time to Prepare

To help prepare for the upcoming campaign, more than 290 blocks and items are now available in-game. A lot of the new blocks and items focus around the "show" theme with new lights, new dynamics signs, and brand-new stages and canopies. Players can use new lights to make shiny objects.

Trackmania was first released on PC in 2020. The game features short and obstacle-filled courses with an emphasis on community involvement. In addition to racing, players can also design their own tracks and share them with others. The game is free-to-play but players have the choice to upgrade to one of two premium plans.

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