Dungeon Defenders II: Build Sentries and Fend Off Enemies Using the Engineer in Mines of Etheria Update

Mines of Etheria Update
Mines of Etheria Update Steam

A new hero has arrived in Dungeon Defenders II in the newly released Mines of Etheria update: the Engineer.

Superior Engineering

The Engineer is a new hero in Dungeon Defenders II capable of establishing unique towers to eliminate threats. The Sentry Turrets, for example, can fire fast, single-target projectiles at nearby enemies; great for dispatching lowly minions. However, if a boss or a stronger opponent arrives, the Engineer can set up a Rail Gun Tower. This tower charges up a powerful laser that deals massive damage to the strongest enemy within range.

Apart from building strong towers to defend against foes, the Engineer also boasts other useful abilities. One of his passive abilities is called Nanobots and this restores a percentage of his health every five seconds, pretty handy in the late game.

If enemies are grouped together, the Engineer can deal with them using his trusty Orbital Cannon. When used, he marks a spot on the ground, bombarding enemies that come to this area with lasers, dealing damage over time.

New Hero Shards for the Engineer have also been introduced. For those who are new to Dungeon Defenders II, Shards are gem-like artifacts that provide extra stats and abilities. They can be slotted into armor, relics, and weapons.

That said, the Engineer can use the EMP Shells - a hero shard that increases the damage of Orbital Cannon and gives the said ability a percentage chance to stun enemies for a set duration. Enemies hit by the Orbital Cannon’s lasers are slowed by 30% for a short time as well.

Here are the other things that players need to know about the Engineer:

  • Passive- Heatsink: Engineer damage scales by current Heat Percentage.
  • Bunker Buster: Shoots a fast-moving rocket that explodes on impact, dealing splash damage.
  • Drill Smash: The Engineer slams his drill into the ground, sending earthen spikes forward in a line that damages enemies.
  • Steam Blast: Vents all accumulated heat in a blast of steam, damaging and drenching nearby enemies. The Engineer’s movement and attack speed also increases for a short time.
  • EMP Trap: Emits pulses of electricity, dealing electric damage and stunning nearby enemies.
  • Magnetic Knight Tower: Throws a lance that extends outward, then returns back to it, damaging everything in its path.
  • Advanced Rocketry: Increases the damage of Bunker Buster by x%.
  • Diamond-Tipped Drill: Increases the damage of Drill Shot by x%.
  • Electric Discharge: Steam Blast also deals x% damage as storm damage.
  • High Explosives: Increases Bunker Buster projectile damage by x%, and reduces damage falloff by y%.
  • High Pressure: Increases the range of Steam Blast by x%.
  • Incendiary Rocket: Bunker Buster ignites targets on hit, dealing x% of Ability Power as damage every second over 5 seconds.
  • Laser Rounds: Your attacks have a 30% chance to spawn a laser that pierces enemies dealing x% of your Hero Damage as Electric damage.

Dungeon Defenders II Mines of Etheria update is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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