Dungeon Defenders II: Update 5/Hotfix v2 Improves the Abyss Lord

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Update 5 for Dungeon Defenders II has been re-released because the old version caused significant server issues. This version is nearly the same as the old one, albeit some other changes have been added.

Dungeon Defenders II is a unique 3D tower defense game where you play in third-person view. However, you won't be seeing things from the top. This lets DD2 bring you in the thick of battle - setting up your defenses and fighting where the action is.

That said, Update 5 (Hotfix v2) brings some needed adjustments to the Abyss Lord. First, his damage multiplier and right-click scalar have been changed to five and two, respectively. Next, you can now hold the right-click to activate his charge attacks automatically.

For his abilities, even though the Abyssal Stone’s cooldown has been increased to 10 seconds, the damage scalar has been increased as well.

The Abyss Lord can also order his defenses to fight with increased power, speed, and devastation with his Direct Command ability. In this update, the said ability now has a 20-second cooldown but can affect multiple towers at once so long as they’re within range. Moreover, affected tower abilities now scale off of their tower damage.

In addition, Update 5 (Hotfix v2) introduces the Hypno Skins for the Countess and Mercenary. Also, the Hypno Bundle is now officially known as the “Mega Hypno Bundle.”


V2-specific Changes
  • Changed the Hailstorm tower and Harpy tower to no longer rest when shooting
  • Changed the Hailstorm tower to frost damage
  • Changed the Glacier shard to now be frost damage
  • Changed the Hailstorm tower to now target ground enemies
  • Increased the Hailstorm damage scalar by 150%, but increased the max rate to 0.24 seconds
  • Changed the flame burst tower to now upgrade projectile damage range when upgrading 400 to 800 max
  • Increased the projectile size and added a slight homing effect to the harpy projectile to further increase its accuracy
  • Fixed an issue where cores could overflow health on wave transitions
  • Fixed a logic issue on reward popups
  • Fixed an issue where the damage thresholds on the demon lord weren't working with 3 and 4 players active
  • Fixed an issue where the dragon's nest tower wasn't doing any damage
  • Dryads can now melee attack while flying
  • Added the ability for Squire and Countess to use axes
  • Added the ability for Flame Eater and Prickly Shield chip to roll on axes
  • Reduced the proc rate of the Double-tap shard to match fire for effect
  • Fixed an issue where some bosses weren't properly tagged as mini-bosses
  • Fixed an issue where some mastery challenges weren't working
  • Fixed upgrade cost on Auto-Repair System being too high

Dungeon Defenders II Update 5 (Hotfix v2) is currently only available on PC.

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