Dungeon Defenders II: Shifting Sands Update Introduces New Region and Boss

Shifting Sands Update
Shifting Sands Update Twitter/@Chromatic_Games

The latest major content patch for the unique tower defense game Dungeon Defenders II is here. The Shifting Sands Update introduces a new region with a couple of maps that you can go to. There is also a new region-specific enemy and a new boss that you must vanquish.

New Content

New Map: Tornado Canyon
New Map: Tornado Canyon Chromatic Games

If you’ve played the original Dungeon Defenders, you’ll be familiar with the newest region in the Shifting Sands Update called Tornado Valley. This region has two new maps, namely Tornado Canyon and Tornado Highlands. The former has brighter lighting compared to the latter, but some things can only drop on a specific map. Want the Staff of Sands? You can get that in Tornado Canyon.

When you’re in Tornado Valley, there’s an enemy that you can’t find anywhere else called the Windshaper. This enemy is no slouch as it can conjure destructive tornadoes that pierce and knock you up in the air.

Windshaper Chromatic Games

Tornado Highlands deserve a special mention because this new map is home to the dangerous Genie King. Unlike in the previous games, the Genie King in Dungeon Defenders II was corrupted by the Old Ones’ magic.

New Map: Tornado Highlands
New Map: Tornado Highlands Chromatic Games

Be careful when facing the Genie King because the boss has different mechanics that can give you a hard time, especially if you decide to play solo. During its second phase, for instance, the Genie King is enveloped in an invulnerability shield that will only go away once you defeat the mini-bosses in the area.

Genie King
Genie King Chromatic Games

Aside from the new content mentioned, new region-specific mods and pets are also found in Tornado Valley. They are:

  • Cyclostrophic Wind: Your attacks generate 1 tornado stack. At 5 stacks you launch a tornado forward, dealing x% of your Ability Power as damage to up to 10 enemies and sending them airborne. The effect has a cooldown of 3 seconds.
  • Genie King's Curse: While moving below 100 Speed, your Primary attacks deal x% of your Hero Damage stat as Earth Damage.
  • Genies Protection: After using an ability, gain x movement speed and reduce the damage you take by y% for 3 seconds.
  • Owl God's Wisdom: Your primary attacks deal x% of your Ability Power as extra damage. This extra damage can trigger once every 0.1s per enemy hit.
  • Genie Prince
    • Mana Swirl: Restore 500 ability mana.
  • Corrupted Genie Prince
    • Magical Burst: Fires 5 magical bursts dealing 335% magical hero damage each.

You can read the full changelog here.

Dungeon Defenders II Shifting Sands Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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