Dragon's Dogma Netflix Anime Series Premiers In September

Featuring character design by Iku Nishimura and animation by Sublimation.
An anime adaptation for Dragon's Dogma has been revealed by Netflix.
An anime adaptation for Dragon's Dogma has been revealed by Netflix. Capcom

The role-playing hack-and-slash title Dragons Dogma, from publisher and developer Capcom, has just been revealed as a Netflix original anime series. The announcement was made via Netflix’s @NXOnNetflix Twitter Account.

An overview of the anime’s story has been provided by Netflix Japan. It reads: “The Dragon that suddenly appeared after over 100 years burned the village of Cassardis to ashes. Ethan confronted the Dragon to protect his beloved family, but the Dragon took his heart. Although he appeared to have died, Ethan was resurrected as an “Arisen.” Alongside Hannah, a Pawn under Ethan’s command who suddenly appeared, he sets out on a journey to recover his heart.”

For those who are not in the know, Dragons Dogma is a hack-and-slash game from Capcom which was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2012. The game is set in the high fantasy world of Gransys. Players assume the role of the customizable protagonist who is dubbed the “Arisen” and is tasked with slaying the dragon Grigori. Grigori is said to signal the world’s end times. Along the way, the Arisen will encounter many challenges and uncover more unexpected mysteries.

Dragons Dogma’s gameplay starts off by letting players customize their character’s gender and appearance. There are multiple class systems, called vocations, that can be chosen from which dictate the player’s playstyle and approach. These vocations include the Fighter, Strider, Assassin, Sorcerer, Mage, and Ranger classes. The other mechanic that sets Dragons Dogma apart is its “pawn system," which are essentially party members. They can be met and interacted with throughout the player's journey. Once recruited, they will accompany the player’s character and will help in combat as well as provide information about enemies and bosses. There are three pawns that can accompany the Arisen throughout their journey. Other features present in the game are its large open-world environments, the amount of NPC and dialogue lines, and the implementation of the grab action, which can change combat in multiple ways.

The game has since received ports for other platforms and has enjoyed positive critical acclaim with reviews praising its gameplay and the aforementioned pawn system. Dragons Dogma's original Netflix anime series is set to premiere on September 17.

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