Dota 2 Turbo Mode Gets Play Experience Improvements

Time for some fast and furious playmaking. Valve

Turbo Mode is a good option for new Dota 2 players. It's been enjoyable for some and back in March, it received an interesting change courtesy of Patch 7.32e. It turns out Valve hasn't stopped looking into ways to improve the experience.

The dev team revealed that they've been going over the feedback on Turbo Mode. Based on what players submitted, here are the changes for enhancing the play experience:

  • Wisdom Rune experience amount increased by 100%.
  • Lotus Pool lotus spawn interval decreased from 3 minutes to 90 seconds.
  • Aghanim's Shard initial availability time reduced from 9:45 to 7:30.
  • Infused Raindrop initial availability time reduced from 3:30 to 1:30.
  • The hero selection interface has been updated to show how many players have selected a hero on each team.
  • Random hero selection are no longer revealed to the enemy team.
  • Players who select a random hero no longer receive a free Mango and Faerie Fire.
  • There is no longer a restriction against selecting a random hero for the last 10 seconds of the picking phase.
  • Phantom Assassin's Manifold Paradox Arcana will now count wins in Turbo for half credit.
  • Pudge's Feast of Abscession Arcana will now count wins against Rubick in Turbo for half credit.

As seen from these changes, it seems that Valve wants games in Turbo Mode to be even faster. Then again, they're not calling the "More Fast, Less Furious" initiative for nothing.

Gameplay Fixes

In addition to Turbo Mode improvements, here are the gameplay issues addressed by the patch:

  • Fixed various interactions with Phylactery when targeting low-health units.
  • Fixed Stormcrafter proccing immediately if dropped and picked up again.
  • Fixed a bug where issuing an attack order while using quick attack against an invulnerable target would cause the cursor to remain in attack mode after failing to issue the order.
  • Hero Relics are now purple for universal heroes.
  • Fixed Universal heroes having incorrect attack damage displayed during picking phase.
  • Fixed Dota Plus neutral item suggestions showing NaN.
  • Message displayed when killing tormentor changed to be a combat event message that will display who received the shard or how much gold and experience is awarded to the team in the event all available shard upgrades have already been acquired.
  • You can now add and remove Pinned Items when editing them rather than just replacing the existing ones.

Dota 2 is available on PC via Steam.

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