Dota 2 Spring Tour NA: Evil Geniuses and TSM Tied at First Place with Two Weeks Left

See what's going on in NA.
See what's going on in NA. Valve

The matches for the Dota 2 Spring Tour have been truly exciting and there are only a few weeks left before the season wraps up. In North America, the ones on top are the usual suspects. Tied at first place with five wins and zero losses are Evil Geniuses and TSM. However, the two teams don’t have time to take things easy as Quincy Crew isn’t far behind with four wins and one loss.

It looks to be another exciting season considering that only the top two teams get to join the upcoming Stockholm Major. Last season, it was these same three teams that were vying for the two slots. Eventually, it was EG and TSM that fought at the Grand Final of the NA Regional Final with TSM getting the win.

Top Two

As a recap, EG and TSM have been dominating their opponents during the Spring Tour. Out of a total of ten matches so far, the two have lost only one. EG dropped their first game against The Cut before winning the match. The same thing happened to TSM, but it was against 4 Zoomers.

Fans are sure to expect their match on April 16 since it’s going to determine who gets to be the solo lead in the region.

Catching Up

While the focus may be on EG and TSM, it’s still too early to set aside QC. If they win their match against Simply TOOBASED on April 13, then they’ll tie for second whoever loses in the EG vs. TSM match.

Two Interesting Scenarios

Let’s take a quick look at some possible scenarios. If EG beats TSM, they are likely to take the top spot in the region since their remaining match is against Team DogChamp. Not to say DogChamp is a pushover, but EG clearly has the advantage. Now let’s say QC wins over simply TOOBASED. That would mean QC and TSM now have to fight for the second spot.

What’s going to be interesting is if EG loses to TSM and then TSM loses to QC. That’s going to result in a three-way tie.

What about you? Who do you think is taking the top two spots in North America?

Dota 2 is available on PC through Steam.

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