Dota 2 DPC Spring Tour Fantasy Starts Today

Time to pick a fantasy team.
Time to pick a fantasy team. Valve

The DPC Spring Tour officially starts today with Division II matches of different regions. Dota 2 fans won’t have to wait long on the matches for Division I, since the first set starts tomorrow.

All of these also means the beginning of Fantasy for the new Tour. There’s a new distribution of rewards and for this season, those who participate can bring something home by simply playing.

Reward Changes

One of the things that players can look forward to is the changes made to rewards. In the past, players earned 1/2/3 Fantasy Levels when they're in the top 50%/25%/10% of each period. This time around, players earn 1/2/3/4 Fantasy Levels if they're in the top 100%/50%/25%/10%.

In addition, every fourth Fantasy Level earns players a new DPC Lineage treasure, which is coming soon. All other levels, meanwhile, reward players with shards.

A Quick Review

For those who haven’t tried it, here’s a quick recap. Let’s start with the basics. For each week-long period, players need to set up a Fantasy roster made up of:

  • Two Core Player Cards
  • One Mid Player Card
  • Two Support Player Cards

The Player Cards on a roster score Fantasy points based on how well they perform in the matches for that period. Silver and Gold Cards have stat bonuses that earn more points.

Player Cards

For the Player Cards, everyone gets 10 starter packs which can be claimed on the DPC menu under the Watch tab. Players can earn additional Player Card Packs by winning a game. There are also Team Packs that can be purchased directly from the Player Cards tab in the Watch section. By the way, when players open a pack, they get player cards from the specific region they selected.

Regional Fantasy

It’s worth noting that each DPC region has its own Fantasy league with player cards and a unique lineup. Players have the chance to be part of the multiple regional leagues. In such a case, players earn Fantasy Levels based on their best fantasy league performance for the period. Let’s say a player places in the top 50% in one league and then top 10% in another. That player gets points for the top 10% placement.

Rewards are unlocked based on the player’s current overall Fantasy Level.

Scoring Matches

Finally, all Division I matches during the Spring 2022 Tour are eligible for Fantasy play. The highest scoring two games of a best-of-three count toward the score of the player. If a team plays more than one series during a period, only the highest-scoring series counts.

For those who want to know more about the DPC Sprint Tour, read here.

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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