Dota 2 Spring Tour: Here's What's Been Happening So Far

A quick recap.
A quick recap. Valve

It's been two weeks since the start of the Dota 2 Spring Tour. This gives us a better view of what's been happening in different regions. Just a quick recap, five of the six regions have started their matches. The only one left is Eastern Europe for reasons obvious by this time.

Of the five regions, three have expected results. We mean that the teams on top are the ones that many fans knew would claim the positions. The exciting matches are in Western Europe and Southeast Asia.

Still on Top

Let's start with China. Since last year, it has always been about PSG.LGD. That was also true last season, and it remains the same thing for the Spring Tour. The team has beaten the three opponents they faced so far. If things continue, the question is who gets to grab the other three spots for the upcoming Major?

Moving to South America, it's Beastcoast that continues to hold the top spot in the rankings. The team can't remain too relaxed since behind them are Lava and Thunder Awaken.

Finally, there's North America. As expected, it's the same teams fighting for the top spot. There are only two spots available for the upcoming Major so it's going to be exciting to see who gets them. For now, it's Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew tied in the first place, followed by TSM.

Can Go Either Way

Southeast Asia has long been seen as one where competition is truly dynamic. That's showing now in the Spring Tour. Of the eight teams participating, only Execration has yet to get one win. Fnatic, Polaris Esports, and T1 all have two wins each while the rest have one win. This is how close things are in the region. There are four weeks left so keep your eyes out on who gets the top spots in SEA.

Finally, the tourney in Western Europe. Long considered where most of the best Dota 2 teams are, it's not surprising to know that the standings show no team really having the upper hand. It's too early to tell or even predict how things will turn out for this region. Gladiators, OG, Team Secret, and Tundra Esports now have two wins each.

What about you? Any guesses on who could take the top spots for each region?

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