Dota 2 Patch 7.32: It Looks Like Valve Wants Games to Last Longer

Good news or bad news?
Good news or bad news? Valve

For the past couple of years, it has been observed by the Dota 2 community how games have become rather fast-paced. Valve tried to answer with a bunch of updates. However, in Patch 7.32, it seems that Valve may have succeeded.

For starters, the new patch makes changes to the XP required per level. The developer pretty much increased it across all levels, and the increases get higher as the level increases too. To get to Level 2, for example, you only needed 230 XP in the past, but now it’s 240 XP. To reach Level 16, you now need 1,600 XP, from what was previously 1,275. If you’re keeping count, that’s an increase of 325.

If that wasn’t enough, Valve also removed the small camps near mid-lane. It’s going to make it a bit longer for mid-lane players to level up.

By the way, passive gold per minute has also decreased by 15%. This is going to be a bit hard, especially for support players.

Glyph Change

Another interesting change is on the Glyph of Fortification. It's now refreshed whenever the first tower of each tier falls for that team. For example, when the first Tier 2 tower of a team falls, the Glyph is refreshed.

How does this impact the gameplay? There have been cases when a team destroys the other team's Tier 2 tower and then moves forward to clear the Tier 3 tower and then the barracks. While it may still be possible to do that in succession, this new mechanic makes it a bit longer and gives the other team time to defend.

Carry the Flag

Patch 7.32 introduces the Flagbearer Creep, and starting at minute two, one of the melee creeps in every second creep wave is replaced by a Flagbearer. This new creep with 40% magic resistance and Inspiration Aura, giving +3 Health Regen to all allies within a 700 range.

Killing an enemy Flagbearer gives a player and each allied hero within a 1,200 radius bonus gold equal to 100% of a melee creep's bounty. However, it doesn’t grant gold on deny and can’t be denied by hero abilities like Demonic Conversion.

This means that clearing creep waves is now a bit difficult. But in a long game, they could be beneficial, particularly when attacking towers.

What do you think? Are you okay with longer games?

You can check out the full changes that arrived with Patch 7.32 here. You can also read our take on hero changes here and the new neutral items here.

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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