Doom Eternal With Nightmare Difficulty Lives Up To Its Name

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As the Doom Eternal release date draws near, we have been getting tons of new information about the game. Most recently, a 14-minute long gameplay clip of Doom Eternal has found its way online. The video was released by Youtuber TheSpudHunter, where he played the game on Nightmare difficulty. This means you can expect it to be extremely fast and extremely gory. You can watch the gameplay below.

The footage takes place in Slayer’s Gate, which is similar to the Rune Trails from the 2016’s Doom. It also shows off new demons that are introduced in Eternal. We can see the fan-favorite Archville as well as our grumpy old landlord The Pain Elemental. The first female demon, Whiplash, also made an appearance along with the iconic Cyberdemon which, to be honest, looks tougher than usual.

That’s not all. Doom Eternal Executive Producer Marty Stratton told Xbox Magazine that Id Software will be supporting the game after launch. "We see hundreds and hundreds of thousand players continuing to play Doom 2016, and we’ve got nothing [for them]," he said. "They’ve asked for more DLC, they’ve asked for more ways to play, and honestly we got straight into the development of Doom Eternal and haven’t given them anything.”

"So I’m really excited about things like Master Levels," he continued, "and the DLC that we have, new challenges that we’ll be offering on a monthly or weekly basis, we’ll be continuing to support Battle Mode, adding Invasion, we’ve got so much that we want to do post-launch, really giving players what they’ve been asking us for, coming back for more of the game, and giving them some more variety in that experience.”

So what do you think? Are you excited about Doom Eternal? On what platform are you planning to buy the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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