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As a result of the recent delays for anticipated games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Final Fantasy VII, Doom Eternal has gained the interest of many gamers. The game will bring Hell to Earth as it drops on March 20. In case you're thinking about buying Doom Eternal, we have some good news for you. Green Man Gaming is offering some sweet discounts on both the standard and deluxe version of the game.

Both these editions for Doom Eternal are already at a 14% discount, but using the code DOOM20 gives you additional discount and drops the price to $48 and $72 on the standard and Deluxe editions, respectively. In our opinion, this is the best discount you can get on Doom Eternal prior to its launch.

Pre-ordering either of the two editions gives you the Rip and Tear pack, which includes Doom 64, a Doot Revenant skin, throwback shotgun skin and some bonus campaign levels.

Doom Eternal Deluxe edition also gives you a Year One Pass, classic weapon sound packs to change the sound effects of your weapons, and the Demonic Slayer Skin. The Year One Pass will give you early access to the two campaign expansions for Doom Eternal arriving within one year after the game's release.

Recently, the team at Id Software invited several game journalists and YouTubers to try out a three-hour-long Doom Eternal demo. People who played the demo had a ton of positive things to say about the shooter. Doom Eternal seems bigger both in scope and size from its predecessor. From what I have seen up until now, the development team behind Doom Eternal has done a remarkable job in creating this sequel.

Id Software stated that with Doom Eternal, Doom fans will not only be introduced to a new story but also the Doom Universe, or as we call it Doomiverse.

You can read more about Doom Eternal here.

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