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Hugo Martin, the Game Director of Doom Eternal, revealed tons of information about the enemy AI of the new Doom in an interview with NoClip. The game director described the demons as his “chess pieces” which will frustrate players “as long as we’re teaching.” The game will force the players to prioritize one target over the other, utilize their arsenal carefully and to use certain weapons against certain enemies. You can watch the interview below:

Doom Eternal intends to make you think about your decisions while you are in combat. Martin also shed some light on the demons of Doom Eternal. Several Doom 2 demons like Arachnotron, Archvile, Hellified Soldier, and the iconic Pain Elemental will be making a return in Eternal. New demons like Whiplash, Tentacles, Marauder, Doom Hunter, and Carcass will also be introduced.

The Arachnotron
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Let’s talk about the returning demons first. The Arachnotron is a spider-like demon introduced in Doom 2. It’s similar to Spider Mastermind, but is smaller in size. The Arachnotron has a plasma gun mounted on it. You can destroy his plasma gun to make the creature less of a threat.

Archvile is also making a return, and its design will stay true to the original with his famous hell-raising pose. Archville will spawn new demons if not killed quickly, which can make your life quite difficult. Additionally, fans will be delighted to see the iconic Pain Elemental, which Martin has described as a “Grumpy Landlord”. The Pain Elemental acts as a bullet sponge and spawns Lost Souls just like the original.

The Marauder
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Doom Eternal will also bring several new demons for you to kill. The most dangerous of them is the Marauder. Marauders are some of the strongest demons in the game. You will first meet them in the third act of the game and will fight them multiple times.

The first female demon, known as Whiplash, has also added. She is fast, difficult to kill, and will slither on the floor like a snake to flank you.

Martin said that there are tons of other demons that you will discover while playing through Doom Eternal. Previously, Id confirmed that Doom Eternal will have twice the variety of demons of its predecessor. We will be able to fight them all when the game launches on March 20.

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