The Division 2 State Of The Game Recap 1/8 - Episode 3 Is Just Around The Corner

Take a look at what's happening.
Take a look at what's happening. Ubisoft

The Division 2 State of the Game is back and brings with it a new year of sneak peeks and updates. This week it's all about Episode 3, which arrives in February. The Division 2 also gave a preview of this month's State of the Game streams along with an update on the Hardcore Mode.

Episode 3

Let's start it off with Episode 3. As mentioned, it's arriving next month and is free for all players. In addition, there's going to be no Public Test Server rounds since there are no balance changes that need to be tested. Other new features coming with Episode 3 include:

  • A new area: New York’s Coney Island.
  • The New York faction from the first The Divsion, The Cleaners, returns.
  • Two new main missions.
  • Two classified assignments.
  • One Specialization.
  • A new Exotic, the Kameleon.
    • This SMG changes colors to match your surroundings.
  • Year One Pass
    • Access to Classified Assignments.
    • Instantly unlocks the new Specialization.

State of the Game Roadmap

For players and fans, here's what to expect for January's State of the Game streams:

  • January 15
    • State of the Game loosk at incoming Item Stats RNG and UI quality-of-life changes.
    • These changes are going to be released after Episode 3.
  • January 22
    • Recalibration stat storing, Skill power refactorization, and Dark Zone quality-of-life changes.
    • These changes are to be released after Episode 3, when they are ready
  • January 29
    • State of the Game takes a deep dive into Episode 3 to give players a clear look at what’s ahead.

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode was introduced back in December and gave players the choice to go through the game with permadeath. During its launch week, which was December 10-16, these stats happened:

  • 17.7% of Hardcore characters experienced permadeath.
  • 1.2% of Hardcore characters reached World Tier 5.
  • Six Operation Dark Hours raids were completed.

Raid Clarification

The Division 2 revealed that the second raid, Foundary, is set to be released after Episode 3 launches. This is going to be free to all players as well.

Priority Alerts

Maintenance was done on January 8 and these are the changes that were made:

  • In addition to backend changes, the maintenance introduced a new apparel cache, the Legacy Cache.
  • The Legacy Cache is a paid cache that offers players another way to acquire vanity items from the standard pool, with no duplicates.
  • In the future, a change will be made to the standard cache that turns duplicate items into Textiles, which can be used as currency to purchase vanity items from the store.

In addition to maintenance, the team at The Division 2 is also looking these issues:

  • Raid leaderboards and suspiciously fast completion times.
  • Raid activity summary showing incorrect information.
  • Invisible walls, which may be a hard drive streaming issue.
  • Shotgun meta in the Dark Zones.
  • Enemies stuck in their spawn.
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