The Division 2 State Of The Game Recap 12/4 - Take A Peek At The Upcoming Title Update 6.1

New update arriving next week.
New update arriving next week. Ubisoft

The State of the Game for The Division 2 returns this week and offers a preview of what's coming in Title Update 6.1. The update arrives next week on December 10 and offers, among others, a new mode and holiday event.

Aside from the usual fixes, there are three new pieces of content arriving with the 6.1 update.

Holiday Event – Situation: Snowball

While all factions and the Division continue to fight over Washington D.C., there should always be time for holidays, and more than that, the presents. Once the Situation: Snowball event starts, the game gets a new look which include a rather festive makeover of the the game's login screen. During this event, players can also grab a holiday care package that comes with a festive Santa hat and three pieces of equipment.

Tis the season.
Tis the season. Ubisoft

Ambusher crews, meanwhile, have a random chance to appear wearing Santa hats. Killing “Hoarder” NPCs wearing a hat has the chance to drop “The Sleigher”, which is a guaranteed drop the first time. The Sleigher is a weapon that shoots snowballs and confuses enemies when they are hit.

Apparel Event #5 – Silent Night

Starting December 10 and all the way to December 31, players who log in during the event get one free Apparel Cache key while Year One Pass holders receive an extra three keys as a bonus. Players can use the keys until January 7.

In addition, changes have been made for how to acquire Apparel Event Keys:

  • Guaranteed key with every three Field Proficiencies.
  • Guaranteed key with every five Dark Zone Proficiencies.
  • Weekly Apparel Projects reward three keys.
  • Gifting Apparel Event Keys is now possible.

Hardcore Mode

One exciting addition that is sure to excite fans and players alike is the Hardcore Mode. According to Ubisoft, the developers have long wanted to develop something like a Hardcore mode and at the same time deliver a surprise for players. For the past months, the development team have been working on a side project that the team hopes will offer a new way to engage the game while also being a lof of fun for many players. However for now, this mode is still going to be in the beta release.

The Hardcore mode offers:

  • Permadeath – players begin Hardcore Mode with a new Agent, lose all progress and items on death, and can then start again.
  • If all of a player’s character slots are full, they’ll need to delete one to create a Hardcore character.
  • Hardcore characters don’t have access to the Stash, and no gameplay rewards from Hardcore mode carry over to a player’s other Agents.
  • Hardcore Agents play on Hardcore-only servers, and can only play in co-op with other Hardcore players.
  • Hardcore Mode comes with special vanity rewards, including a YOLO hat awarded for reaching level 2.

According to the developers, more work is still needed for this mode, but they are releasing it in beta since it's a fun addition to the game and offers something new for players to experience.

For those who want to know what other changes are coming, they can read more about the upcoming update here.

The Division 2 is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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