The Division 2 Releases Title Update 6.1, Snowball Event Is Live

Go hardcore.
Go hardcore. Ubisoft

The Division 2 revealed that Title Update 6.1 is now live. This new update comes with the usual gameplay fixes and quality-of-life improvements. However, it also brings two new things: the special holiday event and a new mode.

Situation: Snowball

The new in-game event is titled Situation: Snowball. It comes with a free care package which includes a Santa hat that's available for players who log-in between December 11 all the way through to January 7. Once you've joined the event, you are sure to encounter Hoarder enemies as you explore Washington DC. These enemies are rather easy to spot, especially with their Santa hats. If you do manage to take one of them down, you get the chance to pick up the Sleigher gun that they drop. The Sleigher shoots snowballs and confuses any enemy that is hit by one.

Silent Night

This latest update also includes the Silent Night apparel event. The event adds 35 new cosmetic items and gifts one free Apparel Cache key to all players that manage to log-in during the event. Players with the Year One Pass get an extra three keys. This being the holidays, players can gift Apparel Event caches that they purchase to other players.

Hardcore Mode

If the new event appears to be too cheerful then why not give the new Hardcore Mode a try? This mode is made for players looking for a way to heighten the danger already present in post-pandemic Washington DC. With the Hardcore Mode, death is permanent, which means you need to start over from scratch with a brand-new Agent if you fall in combat. This mode is still in beta, so expect more features to arrive in the future.

There are also Hardcore Mode challenges that test how far you can go without being taken down. Completing the challenges, or even managing to survive long enough to level up Agents gives players special rewards. For those who want to survive a bit longer, there's always co-op, so try playing with a squad and see how long you all last.

The Division 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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