Diablo Immortal: Terror's Tide Update Features New Paragon Trees and New Difficulty Levels

Terror's Tide Update
Terror's Tide Update Blizzard

The second major content patch for Diablo Immortal is finally here. A lot of significant changes and features have been implemented in the Terror’s Tide Update, including new Paragon Trees to help you improve your builds in more ways than one, and new Hell Difficulties to keep things exciting and challenging at the same time.

New Difficulty Levels

Hell VI, VII, and VIII difficulties are now available in Diablo Immortal. To unlock them, you must defeat three of the five new lieutenants of Hell in the new Voidwound Reliquary.

You have to defeat Ophinneb, the Skin-Veiled to get Hell Difficulty VI. Killing the vengeful Apothrus, Tamer of the Fallen will unlock Hell Difficulty VII.

For Hell Difficulty VIII, you must banish Phangwrth’s frigid existence. Centuries of incarceration have worsened its cravings, so be careful when slaying this behemoth down.

While these new bosses may seem so daunting, you don’t have to face them alone. Party up with your friends and take these baddies down together!

New Paragon Trees

Diablo Immortal adopts the Paragon System first introduced in Diablo III but made it better with the Paragon Trees. Simply put, once you’ve reached the max level, you continue to gain XP, which contributes to the increase in Paragon Levels.

Each Paragon Level gives you a skill point that you can allocate to any Paragon Tree of your choosing. These trees give your character some stat boosts and improvements in certain areas, such as an improved chance of getting better items and increased survivability. However, only one Paragon Tree can be active at a time.

That said, the Terror’s Tide Update introduces three new Paragon Trees. The Massacre Paragon Tree heavily focuses on increasing your potential to slay the minions of Hell.

The Brawler Paragon Tree improves your defenses. What’s more, the benefits can also be shared with others if you’re in a group.

The Duelist Paragon Tree specializes in stacking damage bonuses. If you get hit by the enemy, all of the pent-up power will erupt outward in a Static Discharge, increasing in damage the more stacks you’ve accumulated before the explosion.

New Zone

There’s a new zone that you can explore once you’ve met certain requirements, the Stormpoint. This is the first zone that has been added since launch and features a place enveloped in thick mist and endless rainfall.

Stormpoint is used as a prison to house some of Sanctuary’s worst of the worst. Word has it that the Cult of Terror - Diablo’s faithful servants - are planning to retrieve the largest shard of the Worldstone from the said location. Your mission is to foil their attempts at stealing this critical piece to ensure that Diablo will not be roaming Westmarch anytime soon.

Stormpoint offers a new main story questline that you can accomplish, 20 new monsters to slay, and new bosses and mini-bosses to defeat.

Diablo Immortal Terror’s Tide Update is now available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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