Diablo Immortal: Update 1.6.4 Brings Fresh Batch of New Legendaries to Help Players Slay Enemies with Ease

Update 1.6.4
Update 1.6.4 Blizzard

A total of 36 new legendary items have been added to Diablo Immortal via Update 1.6.4. Of course, some items are a cut above the rest, but which ones should you consider using?

The Barbarian got a few notable legendaries in Diablo Immortal’s most recent patch. If you like using Hammer of the Ancients a lot, then you’ll love the new Luring Club. This main-hand weapon increases HotA damage against stunned enemies by a percentage.

Temple of Battle is also a pretty good choice. This legendary chest changes how the Chained Spear ability works. Instead of unleashing three chains that can impale enemies and pull them in, Chained Spear now sweeps the spears from left to right, gathering all foes within the area into a cluster in front of you. This makes it easy for you to cast another damaging ability like Hammer of the Ancients, for example.

If you main a Demon Hunter and you want a little more survivability, perhaps the new Abundant Intangibles headgear appeals to you. This makes you invisible for a few seconds after using Escape.

The Monk’s Wave of Light is a pretty damaging ability on its own. However, the new Blazing Ablution legendary shoulder armor makes it even better! When equipped, Wave of Light will now place multiple golden bells that populate the screen. These bells resonate and deal damage to nearby enemies whenever you or your ally strike any of them with primary attacks.

Here are the other noteworthy legendary items introduced in this patch:

  • Chambers of Exhaustion (Shoulders): Sacred Chain now Imprisons enemies in a targeted area. Enemies who attempt to leave will be Stunned.
  • Lustre Titanic (Off-Hand): Holy Banner now also reduces continual damage taken by allies by X%.
Demon Hunter
  • Buzzard on the Wing (Main Hand): During Strafe, your Movement Speed is increased by X%.
  • Hundred Striking Shadows (Shoulders): Multishot now also deals X% damage to shields.
  • Branding Bond (Pants): Mystic Strike now causes you to move quickly in a direction, damaging all enemies in your path.
  • Stirring Titan (Head): Inner Sanctuary now reduces enemy Movement Speed and Attack Speed in an area while you and your allies gain increased Movement Speed and Attack Speed.
  • Executive Discontent (Shoulders): Increases all damage you deal by X% for each Skeletal Mage you have active.
  • Siltstrider (Chest): Bone Armor now deals continual damage to targeted enemies and produces corpses once the effect ends.
  • Affinity Spiral (Shoulders): Meteor now deals X% increased damage to Frozen targets.
  • Frozen Wellspring (Pants): Meteor now calls down a blizzard that continually damages and Chills enemies in the area.

So, which of these new legendary items do you like the most?

Diablo Immortal Update 1.6.4 is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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