Destiny 2 TWAB: Bungie to Apply Buffs to Some Solar Subclass Abilities Next Week

Destiny 2 TWAB
Destiny 2 TWAB Bungie

In the recent weekly blog post for Destiny 2, Bungie revealed the new buffs to some Solar subclass abilities this Tuesday.

Solar 3.0 Buffs

Kevin Yanes, Sandbox Discipline Lead for Destiny 2, said that the goal of the “3.0s” is to take subclasses that players know and love and then improve them by adding new abilities and mechanics, as well as ditching some old ones where it makes sense to do so.

With Solar 3.0 in particular, Yanes and his team got feedback that some players were unhappy with the nerfs to select mechanics, such as the Sunspot or Benevolent Dawn. Well, there’s an explanation for that.

It turns out that over time, these things have silently become more powerful, and they’ve been the go-to option for most players when tackling many activities in Destiny 2. Yanes said that they don’t want people to focus only on one singular perk when making their builds, and that’s why he and his team made the changes found in the current state of Solar 3.0. Moreover, they will continue down this path to provide players with new avenues and combinations to offset the loss of any perk or mechanic.

Having said that, the team wanted to ship something new like Solar 3.0 “a little too spicy” to make a good impression. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, and the team believes that they need to do more to improve things. That’s why they’re going to implement buffs to some Solar subclass abilities.

The proposed changes are:

Solar Warlock
Heat Rises
  • Added behavior: Consuming your grenade now also releases a burst of Cure x2 around you, healing you and your nearby allies. Consuming a Healing Grenade increases the strength of the burst to Cure x3 and consuming a Touch of Flame Healing Grenade provides Restoration as an additional benefit
Icarus Dash
  • Added behavior: While airborne, rapidly defeating targets with your Super or any weapon Cures you
Celestial Fire
  • Each Celestial Fire projectile now applies 10 Scorch stacks. This is increased to 15 stacks with Ember of Ashes equipped
Solar Titan
Burning Maul
  • Buffed damage in PvE by 25%
Roaring Flames
  • Added behavior: While Roaring Flames is active, your uncharged melee attack now deals Solar damage and applies 30 Scorch stacks to targets per hit. This is increased to 40 stacks with Ember of Ashes equipped
  • Fragment slots increased from 1 to 2
  • Raised the height of the secondary attack’s ground wave by 25% to more easily catch players who jump too late

These changes will arrive via an update next week.

What is your reaction to the adjustments to these Solar subclass abilities?

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