Destiny 2: What is Solar 3.0?

Solar 3.0
Solar 3.0 Bungie

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted is officially live. A new update is also out, which brought massive changes to the game, including the rework of the Solar subclass dubbed “Solar 3.0.”

To put it simply, Solar 3.0 delivers notable changes to all Solar subclasses for the Warlock, Hunter, and Titan in Destiny 2. These include abilities, grenades, and exotic armors that affect various Solar subclass mechanics.

Similar to Void 3.0, all classes can now use Solar grenades. For instance, the Thermite Grenade, used to be exclusive to the Titan’s Sunbreaker subclass, can now be used by Warlocks and Hunters with Solar 3.0.

To better understand the other changes introduced by the Solar subclass rework, there are some terms that you need to know about. Scorch is a damage over time debuff that increases the more Scorch stacks the target has. The target will then “ignite” after hitting 100 Scorch stacks. Ignite means a large damaging explosion in an area around the target.

Another term that you need to be familiar with is Radiant. This basically refers to your weapons being enhanced by the power of the Traveler, making them deal more damage to enemies.

Now that you’ve learned the relevant terms, you can read some of the significant changes brought by the Solar subclass rework below:

  • Healing Grenade (New)
    • Releases a wave of benevolent Solar Light on impact with targets or the environment that Cures allies and creates a blessing that grants Restoration on pickup. Tracks to allies in its flight path
  • Solar Grenade
    • Now applies 20 Scorch stacks to targets on initial detonation and 14 Scorch stacks per second to targets in the lingering damage volume instead of a generic Solar burn effect
    • Base cooldown increased from 105 seconds to 121 seconds
  • Split Golden Gun into two separate variants, Deadshot and Marksman:
  • Deadshot (6-shot variant):
    • Now deals increased damage while Radiant
    • Now refunds a Golden Gun round when you cause a target to Ignite while your Super is active, rather than on any kill
  • Marksman (3-shot variant):
    • Now deals increased damage while Radiant
    • Now over-penetrates targets by default
Sol Invictus
  • Sunspots are now created from Solar ability kills, kills on Scorched targets, or Hammer of Sol impacts
  • Sunspots now apply Scorch (in addition to dealing damage) to targets that pass through
  • Sunspots no longer provide an outgoing damage boost, but now grant Restoration when you pass through a Sunspot you created
  • Phoenix Dive (NEW):
    • Dive to the ground and create a burst of Solar Light that Cures yourself and nearby allies
  • Phoenix Cradle:
    • Now apply the Sol Invictus buff and Solar Restoration to allies that pass through your Sunspots

You can read the full changes for Destiny 2’s Solar 3.0 here.

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