Destiny 2 Hotfix Fixes Vault of Glass, Nerfs Stasis, and More

Season of the Splicer
Season of the Splicer Bungie

Bungie has finally done it. After months of community feedback and people continuously complaining about a certain subclass, the Stasis is getting nerfed hard thanks to a recent hotfix update.

Destiny 2 Hotfix has just been released and true to their promise, the developers have made several changes to Stasis - both class-specific and the element itself.

While most of the changes are geared towards balancing the subclass in PvP, some of the nerfs actually affect Stasis in PvE.

Aside from huge Stasis nerfs, you can also expect a lot of bug fixes for Vault of Glass, and players can now acquire the previously bugged shotgun and machine gun exotics from Iron Banner engrams.

Destiny 2 Hotfix Highlights


  • The issue where players can kill Atheon in the Future Venus portal even before starting the encounter has been fixed.

  • All armor mods from the Vault of Glass should now appear in the Collections tab.

  • Fixed an issue where players can use the Prometheus Lens exotic to break Minotaur shields in the Gatekeeper encounter.

  • The Aegis Relic Blocking ability should now continuously block incoming damage.

Gameplay and Investment

  • The issue where the Roar of the Wyrm ornament for Whisper of the Worm’s geometry would disappear when walking against walls has been fixed.

  • Star-Eater Scales now correctly give damage bonus while the player is standing in a Well of Radiance.

  • Having four stacks of Feast of Light will grant 55% bonus damage to Supers while getting eight stacks will grant 70% bonus damage instead.

  • The Capture Completionist Triumph should now properly unlock for players who’ve done the necessary requirements.

  • Path of the Burning Steps will only grant a stack of its buff when you are encased by Stasis abilities (getting slowed by the subclass/element will not trigger this effect).


  • All secret chests in the Vault of Glass raid should now properly give warlock and titan armor.

  • Seasonal reward sources now contain the correct Seasonal class armor. Plus, the frequency of getting duplicates in succession has been reduced.

  • Vault of Glass vendor purchases of Gatekeeper, Conflux, and Atheon packages should now correctly grant armor when such a result is rolled.

Destiny 2 Hotfix is now available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. What do you think of the latest nerfs and bug fixes? Will you still be playing Stasis after the fact?

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