Destiny 2: What's in Store for Players Next Week

Vault of Glass Champions
Vault of Glass Champions Bungie

In Bungie’s recent TWAB, Destiny 2 players can expect a huge patch coming next week that will introduce some major changes to the Stasis subclass. But first, a special shoutout to Clan Elysium for taking the “World’s First" title after completing the recently released Vault of Glass raid last week.

Champions of the VOG

Clan Elysium was the first to finish the Tempo's Edge Triumph that led to the coveted title mentioned earlier. Players Kyros, Cruz, Moople, Slap, Quazz, and Saltagreppo have beaten all the others to climb to the top.

The developers have reached out to the clan to gain more insight into how their fireteam has done it.

Cruz said that he, along with his clanmates, have played the game for several years at this point and they continuously pursue the most challenging activities in the game.

Saltagreppo and Cruz were both players from the original game and they relived the VOG experience to come up with suitable strategies to make the raid easier once it is available in Destiny 2.

The fireteam’s strategy involves careful calculations and using the most optimal loadouts. Ultimately, they’ve beaten the other teams to get the title.

Expunge Game Mode is Now Live

The new Expunge missions are now available on all platforms. Senior designer Mike Profeta said that they want to provide players with a means to acquire high-stat seasonal armor.

Doing Expunge missions will not only reward players with great armor pieces, but they can also hand out more powerful weapons. Getting a pinnacle weapon is possible after acquiring all of the high-stat armors from the first four missions.

Also, a new challenge activity will be available starting on June 15. Players who do Expunge missions will be rewarded with pinnacle gear on each subsequent week until the end of the season.

Big Balance Patch Expected Next Week

The developers have made huge changes to Stasis and these are expected to go live on Thursday, June 3.

Aside from that, here are some of the issues that are addressed by the upcoming Hotfix

  • The Riiswalker Shotgun and the Archon’s Thunder Machine Gun can now be acquired from Lord Saladin, bounties, Iron Engrams, and post-match Iron Banner rewards
  • The Empty Tank Lost Sector will give you the correct exotic leg armor that is advertised
  • Couturier Gauntlets will no longer obstruct a player’s view when using bows
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