Deep Rock Galactic First Patch Post Season 4 Brings Fixes and Buffs DRAK-25

Deep Rock Galactic Patch S04.01 Ghost Ship Games

Fans of Deep Rock Galactic have been enjoying the recently added content thanks to Season Four which went live yesterday. Season Four introduced Jetpack, balancing changes, and more, which you can read via our previous article. However, it didn't include all the changes the developer wanted to make.

Patch S04.01 is now live and it brings several bug fixes, new sound effects, and one tweak for the Thermal Exhaust Feedback OC of DRAK-25. Its damage and heat bonus have been increased to compensate for the now properly working scaling. Randomize buttons now feature sound effects, and Bet-C won't target untargetable enemies anymore. You can read the rest of the changes below.

  • Flaregun flares will now fall to the ground when hitting the corrupter
  • Fixed usable bar sticking around after someone cancels reviving you
  • Menace and acid spitter now plays their stun animation
  • Septic spreader now plays strafe and stun animations correctly
  • Septic spreader now checks line of sight from its center
  • Fixed client-side butt animation issue for the Septic Spreader
  • The septic spreader can no longer shoot behind itself
  • Septic spreader added attack tell scream+misc attenuation tweaks
  • Fixed crash related to foaming the Corruptor
  • Reverted some changes to wave manager that were causing problems
  • Adjusted engineer cable color on the DLC09 paintjob to red
  • Stingtail now only does its sting attack if its within 10m vertical distance of its target
  • Updated the icons of the Healthy armor upgrade so that they are not the same as the Shield upgrade
  • Corruptor no longer despawns if you move too far away from it
  • Fixed a bug that caused copying loadout changes loadout of other classes
  • Fixed Randoweisser picks from already existing player's loadouts
  • Steeve now has a white outline when pinged instead of the usual red
  • Fixed wave cooker not working for the remainder of a mission if you canceled firing right as you start firing it

You can read the complete patch notes via Steam. Players can purchase Deep Rock Galactic from there only for $9.89.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Deep Rock Galactic recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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