Deep Rock Galactic's Season 4 Patch Introduces Jet Boots

A massive new update for Deep Rock Galactic has dropped that marks the beginning of the fourth season. One of the biggest additions is the new Jet Boots, which allows you to fly and get away from encounters when the going gets tough.

While Jet Boots are indeed useful, getting them is not easy. You have to search for them in the Space Rig by going through a number of halls and lifts until you come across a chest with the logo of a boot illuminating on top of it. Finding it is just one part because the other thing you have to do to get the boots is play the Deep Rock Galactic version of Flappy Bird. After you've successfully completed the challenge, the Jet Boots are yours for the taking!

The Season Four update also includes a plethora of weapon balancing changes. For one, all semi-automatic weapons now have input buffering, which makes it easier for you to consistently maintain a high fire rate. This applies to popular weapons, such as the Subata, M1000, and EPC.

You can find the other balancing adjustments below:

Subata 120

  • The Subata has long been in need of an update. As always if you unlocked any of the removed upgrades their cost will be refunded.
    • Increased base weakpoint damage bonus (from 1.2 to 1.25)
    • Reduced base ammo (from 160 to 144)

Modification Tweaks

  • Reduced the bonus of the T1 High Capacity Magazine upgrade
  • Moved the T1 Reload Speed upgrade to T3
  • Increased the bonus of the T2 Ammo upgrade
  • Increased the bonus of the T2 Damage upgrade
  • Removed the T3 Damage upgrade
  • Added a new 2-Round Burst upgrade on T3
  • Moved the T3 Ammo upgrade to T4 and increased it's bonus
  • Increased the bonus of the T4 Hollow-Point Bullets upgrade
  • Removed T5 Acid Coated Bullets upgrade
  • Added the Neuro-Corrosive Catalyst upgrade to T5
  • Added a Blowthrough Rounds upgrade to T5

Tranquilizer Rounds OC

  • Added a "slow" effect to help with enemies that are immune to stun
  • Changed the rate of fire penalty from a flat value to a percentage

M1000 Classic

  • Hipster OC
    • Reduced the RoF bonus to compensate for the RoF boost from the input buffer.


  • Double Barrel OC
    • Replaced the small pellet damage bonus with a large bonus to Blast Wave damage
    • Added a shot spread penalty
    • Made both shots fire simultaneously and updated the weapon stats and ammo display to clarify this
    • Changed OC type from Clean to Unstable

Thunderhead Autocannon

  • Carpet Bomber OC
    • Changed the explosion radius bonus from a flat to a percentage to significantly expand it when taken together with the AoE Range upgrade
    • Changed the damage bonus from a flat to a percentage for an increased maximum when taken together with the AoE Damage upgrade

You can find the full Season Four update changelog on Steam.

So, what can you say about the new Jet Boots in Deep Rock Galactic?

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