Deep Rock Galactic: Season 4 Now Live

Season 04: Critical Corruption Ghost Ship Games

Season Four of the first-person co-op shooter Deep Rock Galactic, called Critical Corruption, is now live. It includes an update that brought new threats to the game - one of which is an evolved version of Plague Hearts.

To celebrate Deep Rock Galactic's fourth season, a new event is underway where players have to cleanse an evolved version of the Plague Hearts known as Lithophage Corruptors. These things are impervious to normal gunfire. To quell them effectively, players have to expose their inner core by using Cleansing Equipment.

But there are more enemies that they have to worry about other than Lithophage Corruptors. The Glyphid Stingtail is a new powerful, heavily armored beast that's easily distinguishable by its grasping tail. This beast can use its tail to pull players in and damage them with its massive horns.

In addition, the Glyphid Septic Spreader fires globules of rancid biomatter that spread out in a wide area around the impact site. Players should not step into the affected area because they will take corrosive damage if they do.

Here are the other enemies in Season 4: Critical Corruption:

New Rockpox Enemies

  • Rockpox Breeder
    • A result of increased Rockpox infection of airborne fauna. The infection has changed the internal workings of its host to allow for Rockpox Larvae to sprout and thrive within its body.
  • Rockpox Bomber
    • As if the Goo Bomber wasn't bad enough already: The lithophage has spread to the volatile excretion this critter is so loved for, expanding the reach of the disease at a high rate.
  • Rockpox Spitter
    • The Rockpox Acid Spitter has turned its already impressive bio-projectiles into a highly infectious Rockpox vector, and with a suppressed pain response and high dose of combat pheromones the Rockpox Spitter poses a far greater threat than before!
  • Rockpox Exploder
    • The Rockpox Exploder has had profound mutations to its body, thickening its skin and reducing its volatility in turn of being filled to the brim with highly contagious Lithophage spores. Being caught in the blast zone will instantly infect any dwarves nearby, so stay clear of them at all costs!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Boomstick T2 Rate of Fire upgrade also reducing the reload speed
  • Hexawing now dies instantly when frozen.
  • Fixed goo cannon only consuming 1 ammo every other full charged shots if done consecutively
  • Fix for bug where breaking one armor plate on some enemies, would make some other armor plate unbreakable
  • Fixed enemy armor sometimes still being breakable when it shouldn't be (ex. when frozen)
  • Made the praetorian(normal, ice, rockpox) spit particles better match the attack hitbox
  • Fixed Thermal exhaust feedback overclock for plasma carbine not staging damage upgrades correctly

So, what can you say about the new threats introduced in Deep Rock Galactic Season 4?

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