Valheim Public Test Update 0.217.4: Merchant NPC, 4 New Locations, and More

Valheim Public Test Update 0.217.4 Steam/Iron Gate AB

Valheim, the open-world survival game by Iron Gate AB, received a major update a few hours ago. The patch is for its public test version, so it's going to be a bit unstable. However, this should let you experience and test everything new.

Patch 0.217.4 brings a new character for players to meet, several brand-new locations to find, and three mini-bosses to defeat. The highly-demanded world modifiers for tweaking the game difficulty have been introduced as well.

The new character is Hilder the Merchant, sister of Haldor, who has finally found her way to Valheim. But not everything went as planned because she ran into some trouble and lost most of her stock. Hilder will require some assistance and that's where you come in.

New Content

  • New NPC: Hildir the merchant
  • New location: Hildir's camp
  • New location: Smouldering tomb (classic dungeon)
  • New location: Howling cavern (classic dungeon)
  • New location: Sealed tower (open dungeon)
  • 3 new mini bosses
  • World modifiers button added to start game screen with many customization/difficulty options (select a preset or design your own)
  • 8 different Fireworks added (Including Thunderstone and Black Core thrown in the fire)
  • New item: Sparkler
  • New clothing: 10 hats & headscarves
  • New clothing: 14 dresses and tunics
  • Black forge extension: Vice Grip
  • Magetable extension: Unfading Candle
  • New material: Barber kit
  • New furniture: Barber station
  • New material: Iron pit
  • New furniture: Firepit
  • 8 new hairstyles
  • 5 new beard styles
  • 4 new music tracks

Fixes and Improvements

  • Hair and beards are now visible when equipping helmets
  • Haldor animations updated
  • All fire effects have been overhauled
  • Smoke balls created by fires now have random rotation and no longer pop in when spawned
  • Added Hugin hints informing the player that traders can be found in the game
  • Spawn command can now specify fields
  • Widened the Manage Saves Menu and show the time of the timestamp
  • Chat doesn't open on Ping anymore
  • Resolved chat blocking input for other UI (such as map)

Quality of Life

  • Quick stack button and Shift-E to quickly place all items already in a container from your inventory
  • You can now manually choose snapping point with Q & E for precision building
  • Intro sequence can now be skipped from the pause menu and the game can be paused while in the intro
  • Workbench and Forge now get slightly increased build range when upgraded
  • Crafting benches' build range is now cylindrical instead of spherical
  • Added another controller scheme, and the ability to hide HUD when using a controller and on Xbox


  • God mode will now allow damage down to 1 health rather than taking no damage
  • New console command "tombstone" which create tombstones
  • New itemset "base" and command can specify a number to override all items with that level (i.e. "itemset meadows 4" will give level 4 meadows items)
  • New console commands: (tombstone - creates tombstones; resetworldkeys - Resets all world modifiers to default; setworldpreset - Sets world modifiers to a named preset; setworldmodifier - Sets a world modifier value)

You can check out the complete patch notes via the official site. Valheim can be purchased from Steam for only $19.99.

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